10 Best Quotes From One Of Us Is Lying

Peacock’s One Of Us Is Lying joins several juicy teen dramas about characters with big secrets that they hide from those closest to them. Adapted from the Karen M. McManus novel, the show’s characters are dealing with so much after Simon’s death that they can’t help but be raw and open every time that they talk. And while Nate, Cooper, Addy, and Bronwyn try to find out who killed their peer while hoping to stay innocent, they share a lot about themselves along the way.

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There are many impactful quotes from season 1 of this young adult series, whether the main characters are talking about the case, the way that they have hurt each other, or the secrets that are always lingering at Bayview High.

10 Simon’s Welcome Back Message

“Summer’s officially over and school is back in session, and you know what that means: So am I.”

Mark McKenna as Simon in One Of Us Is Lying

As far as the most likable One Of Us Is Lying characters go, Simon isn’t easy to root for thanks to how he figures out everyone’s secrets and shares them with the entire school.

The show opens with a post from Simon’s app About That, and his words are chilling. Viewers realize that Simon is ruthless and that he will write almost anything on his app. He just doesn’t seem to care who he hurts, and that makes it clear that the mystery is just beginning.

9 Bronwyn And Nate Discuss Simon

“So you do think he’s dead.”

One Of Us Is Lying - Season 1 - nate & bronwyn

In the first episode, Nate and Bronwyn chat outside the school, and they’re not sure what has happened to Simon yet. Nate is the first to admit that he might have died and Bronwyn says this matter-of-fact quote.

This scene is meaningful for several reasons: because Nate is often wiser and more perceptive than people give him credit for and because it’s the first time that Nate and Brownyn really get a chance to talk. Fans see them fall in love quickly over the course of season 1, and it’s heartwarming that Bronwyn believes in Nate even when he is arrested for Simon’s murder.


8 Jake Asks Addy If Simon’s Post Is About Them

“The one thing I wouldn’t be able to take is you lying to me.”

One Of Us Is Lying - Season - jake & addy

In the second episode “One Of Us Is Grieving,” Jake wonders if Addy cheated on him, and at this moment in the story, she does everything that she can to convince him otherwise.

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Since the show is all about secrets and lies, Jake’s words feel dramatic and juicy, but his statement also serves as some foreshadowing. After finishing season 1, fans can look back and realize that Jake was warning Addy that he knew what she did and that he was the one behind all of the horror.

7 A Student Comments On Addy’s New Short Hair

“As if she needed more attention.”

Addy after her haircut in One Of Us Is Lying

Addy is one of the smartest One Of Us Is Lying characters and changing her hair is just one way that she alter to change her present and future.

In “One Of Us is Cracking,” Addy debuts her new short hair, and when she’s walking down her high school hallway, and a student whispers that she wants attention. This is really sad to see since viewers know that Addy is much nicer than her fellow popular teens and that she is starting to advocate for herself and think about what she really wants. She did everything that Jake wanted and now she’s not so sure about that.

6 Nate Speaks To His Mom Harshly

“I like that version better.”

Cooper van Grootel as Nate in One Of Us Is Lying

When Nate’s mom comes back to town, his friends are stunned since they thought that she had passed away since that’s the impression that he gave.

In one tough scene, Nate and his mother go to a diner, and she tells him that she wants to help him with the case. When he says that Bronwyn assumed that she had passed away, his mom asks “Is that what you told people?” and Nate says that he prefers it. This is a harsh and biting remark, but fans can tell that Nate is just doing his best to cope with how his parents have abandoned him.

5 Maeve Tells Bronwyn That She Hurt Her

“So yeah, I survived, which is great… For the record, I actually trusted Simon. He really liked me.”

Maeve in One of Us Is Lying

One Of Us Is Lying has some memorable young adult drama characters, including Bronwyn’s younger sister Maeve who has survived a lot of time in the hospital suffering from an illness.

Maeve learns that when she liked Simon and sent him some photos of herself, Bronwyn told him to stop talking to her so he wouldn’t hurt her. Maeve is shocked and shares that what Bronwyn did wasn’t sweet or protective at all. Bronwyn realizes that she needs to be more honest with her sister and that she can’t always stop her from facing the harsh realities of the world.

4 Ms. Avery Talks About Simon’s App

“I understand why you want to expose the hypocrisy around us. In my mind I’ve justified why you took a hammer to your fellow students’ lives because some of them deserved it.”

In episode 7 called “One Of Us Is Not Giving Up,” viewers see a flashback scene between Simon and Ms. Avery, as he knew that she helped Vanessa after she had an abortion. Ms. Avery says this powerful quote about why Simon shares gossip on his app and asked Simon to please not expose her secret.

Ms. Avery’s words feel significant because she’s the one character who admits that maybe there was some logic behind Simon’s app. The others feel that Simon unfairly targeted them and shared things that they wanted to keep private, and while that’s definitely true, it also makes sense that Simon felt that his peers treated him badly.

3 Janae Makes A Joke During A Tense Moment

“Never happened to Ryan Gosling in Drive. None of you have seen Drive?”

Jessica McLeod as Janae in One Of Us Is Lying

Janae is one of One Of Us Is Lying’s best characters and in the second to last episode of season 1, the main characters sit in a car outside Ms. Avery’s house to try to learn what she and Vanessa are hiding. They see Vanessa go into her home and while they’re nervous about whether Vanessa could be up to no good, Janae breaks the tense moment.

This quote fits into the scene perfectly since Janae isn’t trying to be funny but her words are still hilarious and unexpected. Everyone is so worried about whether Vanessa is a new suspect that no one appreciates Janae’s pop culture reference, but viewers can smile at it.

2 Addy Tells Jake That She’s Stronger Now

“I was always so afraid of upsetting you. Not anymore.”

Split image of Addy at Simon's funeral and standing outside school on One Of Us Is Lying

The season 1 finale “One of Us Is Dead” is incredibly dramatic, as the main characters learn that Jake and Simon worked together to make it look like Simon was killed, but then Simon really did die. Jake turns out to be more evil than Addy ever realized as she finds out that he wanted to blame her for the murder.

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In one of the most shocking scenes, Jake holds up a gun to Addy in the woods and tells her that if she was “loyal” and hadn’t cheated, Simon wouldn’t have died. Addy’s quote is perfect and satisfying as she shares that she isn’t scared of Jake anymore and that she’s going to be okay.

1 The Characters Get A Scary Text Message

“Do as I tell you. Or everyone will know what you did.”

Split image of Jake looking scared and Brownyn looking at her phone on One Of Us Is Lying

When the teens go back to school after Jake’s death in the forest, they learn that someone is aware that they killed him when their phones buzz with a text message from “Simon Says.”

After such a wild revelation, fans can’t wait for season 2, as it’s clear that the mystery is far from finished and that they have to clean up yet another mess and figure out a way to keep their secret.

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