10 Breakups In Seinfeld That Fans Were Rooting For

Seinfeld is one of America’s most popular sitcoms ever created. One of the best aspects of the show that fans always enjoyed seeing was the unfolding of the main character’s love lives. There have been some memorable girlfriends and boyfriends on the show and many ranged from being a good match to downright horrible.

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Fans had no issues agreeing with the characters that some love interests needed to go, and were more than happy to see certain relationships meet their end.

10 Jerry & Cindy

Cindy filing her nails on Jerry's couch in Seinfeld

Cindy was one of Jerry’s girlfriends who fans were more than happy to see leave. She appeared in the episode, “The Maid” and at first, she is hired to clean Jerry’s apartment. Over time, though, she starts to negate her duties and starts becoming involved with Jerry.

Jerry starts to realize that she comes to work, has sex with Jerry, and takes her daily work fee. On some occasions, Cindy even goes to Jerry’s to take a nap and leaves the apartment in disarray. Once Jerry realizes what’s going on, he feels like he hired a sex worker instead of a cleaner, but when Jerry tries to bring it up, she lashes out at Jerry’s rude assumption and calls it off.

9 George & Susan

Susan laying her head on George's shoulder in Seinfeld

George and Susan’s relationship went through two major phases. They first get together in “The Pitch,” after Jerry and George pitch their show to NBC. From the start, fans weren’t too keen on the relationship because they knew Susan deserved better. When George kisses her after a meeting in front of the executives, it leads her to get fired. This their first breakup.

Fans were okay with the breakup, especially knowing George’s destructive character, and in season 7, fans were rooting for another breakup after they got engaged. Fans knew that George really didn’t love Susan only felt trapped. To many, Susan didn’t deserve to be treated the way George was treating her. This was especially true when George considers meeting Marisa Tomei behind Susan’s back.

8 Jerry & Jeannie

Jerry and Jeannie reading comics in Seinfeld

Viewers thought Jerry finally met the perfect girl in “The Invitations.” He absentmindedly walked in front of a car, but he is saved by a woman named Jeannie. They go to Monk’s and realize that they have almost everything in common. They eat the same cereal, have the same interests and make the same comments on things.

But over time, fans wanted this relationship to end. One Jerry is enough, but two is a stretch. Jeannie was the female version of Jerry and it was too much to handle. In “The Foundation,” Jerry realizes that he can’t marry someone exactly like him. He and Jeannie have a mutual break up and fans were more than okay with it.

7 Kramer & Lola

Lola rolling down a hill in Seinfeld

Kramer has had his fair share of girlfriends, like the other characters. Some have been a bit too much, though, especially Lola from “The Handicap Spot.” Kramer meets Lola after she’s severely injured due to her wheelchair crashing into a wall when George parks illegally in a handicapped spot.

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Kramer replaces her wheelchair and falls head over heels in love with her. He describes her as being the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. But fans rooted for their breakup after hearing what she said to Kramer. Lola tells Kramer that he’s not good-looking enough for her. To add to it, she calls him a “hipster doofus” and to drop dead. Lola had to go.

6 George & Marcy

George and Marcy eating at Monk's in Seinfeld

George is a simple man when it comes to relationships. When his new girlfriend, Marcy, had a habit of using “yada yada” to shorten her stories, and Geroge doesn’t mind at first. He even uses it to gloss over Susan’s death. Fans eventually rooted for their breakup, though, as many found her “yada yada” habit a bit odd.

Fans rooted for their breakup even more once George asked her to elaborate on the “yada yada” story about her ex-boyfriend. She reveals that the “yada yada” covered up that she had sex with him and so basically cheated on George. Things got worse as Marcy explains her many “yada yada” stories that range from shoplifting to skipping out on a bill.

5 Elaine & Simon

Simon on house stoop in Seinfeld

Simon is one of Elaine’s ex-boyfriends that’s deemed one of the worst. She briefly dates Simon in “The Soup” after meeting him while traveling to England, and he later makes a trip to New York. The minute he arrives, though, Elaine wants him gone and so did fans, as he made rude remarks to her in the cab and was always correcting her.

In one instance, Elaine says “What?” to which Simon says the correct thing is to say, “Pardon.” To make matters worse, he constantly borrows money from Elaine and never actually spends time with her. Simon even flirts with a woman in front of her.

4 Jerry & Isabel

Isobel holding play book in Seinfeld

Jerry thinks he hit the jackpot when he starts dating Isabel in “The Nose Job.” Isabel is gorgeous and Jerry is incredibly attracted to her. But there’s one problem, Jerry finds her repulsive on a mental level and he is stuck in a chess game between his mind and his manhood.

Fans rooted for the pair to break up simply because Isabel really wasn’t the greatest person and Jerry only cared for her on a physical level. It’s not a good relationship and when Jerry learns that she’s a horrible actor, it cements the issue and Jerry’s mind wins in the end.

3 Kramer & Toby

Toby sitting in her publishing office in Seinfeld

Throughout the series, Kramer has had some okay and not-so-great girlfriends. One relationship fans wanted to see end was with Toby. Fans disliked the character because she was annoying and treated Jerry unfairly. She gets interested in Kramer when he wants to publish his coffee table book.

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While her and Kramer’s relationship wasn’t horrible, fans demoted her for heckling Jerry at his stand-up. When the tables turned and Jerry heckled her, she simply couldn’t take it.

2 Elaine & Davola

Devola talking to Elaine in his apartment in Seinfeld

Seinfeld fans sighed in relief when Elaine ends it with “Crazy” Joe Davola. Everyone is aware that Jerry disliked Davola because of his bizarre behavior, but Elaine had no idea who Jerry was talking about and didn’t know the man she met outside of Dr. Reston’s was Davola. Fans had a bad feeling about the relationship from the start.

The feeling was cemented when Elaine makes a surprise visit to Davola’s apartment. She sees pictures of her all over his wall proving that he is stalking her. Davola even makes unwanted and creepy advances suggesting that Elaine cheated on him. Elaine sprays cherry throat spray in his face and luckily escapes.

1 George & Audrey

Audrey after nose surgery at Monk's in Seinfeld

Fans rooted for the end of George and Audrey’s relationship, not because Audrey was a bad person, but because George was the problem. Audrey was the sweetest and kindest girlfriend George ever had and was liked by the others.

But George, being superficial, has a problem with her nose. Fans were happy to see the two break up because Audrey was too good for George, who is shallow and judgemental, despite his own shortcomings.

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