10 Unpopular Opinions About Bailey (According To Reddit)

One of the most widely liked characters on the phenomenal hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has been Miranda Bailey, the badass surgical resident who became a mentor of sorts to the likes of Meredith Grey, Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev, George O’Malley, and Cristina Yang. In time Bailey’s evolutionary arc took her through several ups and downs, from being diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to suffering a heart attack due to excessive stress.

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One of the oldest remaining original characters on the series, Bailey went from carrying her nickname, ‘the Nazi’, with aplomb to becoming the first female Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital or the erstwhile Seattle Grace. However, in spite of being a fan-favorite in general, there are some who find that the flaws in her character far surpass her positive traits, making her polarising at best.

10 Bailey Is Disrespectful

Any diehard Grey’s fan would know that Bailey has had more than one misunderstanding with her mentor, friend, and one of her biggest supporters, Richard Webber. Her sudden decision to appoint Eliza Minnick and effectively remove Webber from his role in the residency program felt like a betrayal, and this fan on Reddit is not on board with it.

The Bailey-Webber friendship has been one of the more heartwarming relationships on the show with each trusting others the other one completely. And Bailey’s about-turn did not go down well with some.

9 Insecure & Whiny

Bailey’s character has been degraded from strong and beloved to full of insecurities, opines one fan on Reddit. Fans will recall falling in love with the badass ‘Nazi’ in the pilot episode, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, as she initiates the foray of the original set of interns into what would eventually become their entire universe.

The diminishing of Bailey into a weaker personality is, suffice it to say, no longer impressive. Her constant whining, the fan feels, makes her more annoying than anything else.

8 Overly Judgemental

At various times on the show, Bailey has been shown too quick to judge others over their mistakes. Whether it was her fury over Meredith tampering with the clinical trial, or Meredith’s insurance fraud episode when she was supported by Richard and Alex, Bailey has always been overly judgemental when it comes to others and starts behaving in an almost petty manner, throwing her weight around.

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While those who were in the midst of these messes were undoubtedly not free of guilt, Miranda still refused to give them the leeway to even explain themselves. This fan points out that Bailey’s arc in the course of the series has been ruined in recent years and she has gone from being likeable to being almost unbearable.

7 The Hypocritical Miranda Bailey

Yet another unpopular opinion that takes directly off from the previous point states that Bailey is deeply hypocritical. She is a stickler for rules when it comes to others like Meredith Grey but following that logic, she herself would not be beyond reproach.

Bailey, this Redditor says, feels as if she is herself above any laws or rules, but others should always face the full repercussions of their actions. Her selfish and self-centered approach wherein she places herself on a pedestal above others seems to have infuriated this particular Grey’s fan.

6 Not Doctor Material

Bailey might be Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial, but she is hardly fit to be a doctor, according to this Redditor. One of the main points of contention here revolves around Bailey’s decision to inject the young patient Braden with a deactivated HIV virus going expressly against his family’s consent, an action that was clearly a morally grey area.

Moreover, Bailey has a tendency of guilting people and wallowing in self-pity if people, even patients, don’t wish to do as she would like them to. The character, the fan feels, gets too much credit despite having a personality that is all over the place, and not suitable for a physician.

5 A Narcissist & An Unwilling Teacher

Miranda is considered a narcissist by a Redditor who tags her the least favorite character, thus going against the overwhelming trend of fans loving Bailey for her swagger and confidence.

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Bailey, according to this fan, is self-seeking and gets herself involved in situations where she believes she can benefit in some way. For example, in the very first episode, she instructs her interns not to wake her up until their patients were dying. She was also intimidating as a teacher and her apparent indifference indicated, as far as this fan was concerned, that she wasn’t exactly interested in being a good teacher.

4 Bossy & Annoying

Miranda Bailey might be, for many, an empowering character whose ambition and struggle to reach a professional peak can be regarded as an example of sorts. But contrary to that image, some view her confidence as being overly bossy.

On top of that, Bailey had been picking on Leah Murphy for coming in contact with her patients when she had been sick from a common cold. But when it was ultimately revealed that Bailey herself was the course of the infection, she seemed to get irritated and refused to accept that she could have been responsible for the spread of the infection among her most vulnerable patients, however unwittingly.

3 Of A Jealous & Immature Temperament

This fan categorically states that they cannot stand Bailey. Her jealousy towards her own colleagues, and especially her students, is not a character trait that should be seen as inspiring.

Bailey has been shown to be a tad jealous of her students when they have done really well in their careers, whether it was Cristina Yang or Meredith herself. This, coming from someone in her position in a highly competitive field which even today is considered a so-called ‘man’s world’, is hardly acceptable, and even immature.

2 Discriminatory

Greys Anatomy Meredith Bailey Richard Owen

Another unpopular opinion on Bailey suggests that she behaves in a highly discriminatory fashion against Andrew DeLuca when he starts showing signs of a mental breakdown.

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Fans will remember the poignant moment in season 16 when DeLuca believes he has spotted a human trafficker and points it out to the rest of the hospital staff. However, instead of believing him – of course, he turns out to be right in the end – the staff, including Miranda Bailey, forms a human wall around DeLuca instead of trying to bring down the suspect. Since Bailey had just then claimed that she herself lived with mental illness, her treatment of DeLuca seems hypocritical and discriminatory.

1 The God Complex

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) smiling in "Grey's Anatomy."

Bailey, some fans find, has something akin to a God complex. Her over-confidence borders on a sense of infallibility which apparently gets overbearing at times.

Bailey behaves as if she is entitled to everything that she has achieved. Now, while some fans may feel that she has the confidence to know that she deserves what she has got, others feel that she projects herself too much – as if she was some kind of god of surgery. There are also those who clearly feel that Alex Karev, and not Miranda, should have been given the spot on the hospital board, especially since Cristina had left him her share.

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