7 Best Heated Clothes Airers of 2021: Top Electric Indoor Airers

Nothing will ever come close to hanging your hair out to dry in a fresh, warm breeze, but unfortunately, if you live in the UK these kinds of conditions can be hard to come by. In winter especially, leaving your clothes out to dry can take days and result in that vaguely musty smell that requires another wash to get rid of – which is a waste of time, money, and water.

Popping your clothes straight into the dryer isn’t just bad for your wallet (and not to mention the environmental impact) but it can also be harsh on your clothes, leading them to fall apart far earlier than if they were allowed to air dry. Using the radiator as somewhere to hang your washing only gets you so far, and if you do a big wash there’s little chance of there being enough room for your whole load. This is where heated airers come in.

Electric clothes airers look a lot like regular clothes airers in their design, but they pump heat throughout the frame which helps your clothes to dry quickly and gently with very little effort required on your part. Many heated airers come with bags that go on top, sealing in the heat and helping your garments to dry even faster.

The innovative airers are foldable and easily portable, so you can move them around your house with ease and tuck them away between uses – which is especially handy if you don’t have the space or resources for a tumble dryer but need an efficient way to dry your clothes. For seven of the best efficient, eco-friendly heated airers in the UK, see below.

Costing less than 15p an hour to run, this electric airer is on the smaller side as airers go which makes it perfect for single households or small flats.

The frame of this airer has been made from lightweight aluminium and is thermostat controlled so you can ensure your laundry will be dried gently.

Drying weight capacity: 15kg of washing

A very reasonably priced heated airer with three layers, making it ideal for both laying flat delicate garments and hanging longer items.

The hottest temperature this device can get to is 55-degrees, allowing it to dry your clothes quickly when you’re in a rush.

Drying weight capacity: 15kg

This compact heated clothes airer is lightweight and easily foldable, making it perfect for tucking away between uses if you’re short on space.

The airer can be repositioned to suit what you’re drying, whether you need to be gentle on delicate items or need a way to hang sheets and big towels without them draping onto the floor.

Drying weight capacity: 10kg

Dry up to 50 items at once with this innovative, energy-efficient drying rack wardrobe.

A built-in timer gives you the freedom to set and forget this durable airer, and although it is large in size when set up when you’re between uses you can fold it down small enough to fit under your bed.

Drying weight capacity: 15kg

Lightweight yet durable, this heated airer is easy to manoeuvre and comes with a cover that retains heat and helps your clothes to dry faster.

Drying weight capacity: 10kg

Enjoy three tiers of heated drying with this energy-efficient electric clothes airer that folds down to a compact size between uses.

Drying weight capacity: 15kg

The most budget-friendly option on this list, this heated clothes airer with wings provides a large space for your clothes to dry and is a perfect solution for smaller homes or those without access to an outside washing line.

Drying weight capacity: 15kg

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