7 of the best water flossers for healthy teeth and gums in 2021

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If you’re one of the many who let their dental hygiene slip during lockdown as their regular routine was thrown out the window, chances are you’re in for a stern talking to at your next dentist appointment. “You need to be flossing more” is something nearly everyone has heard at a dental appointment in the past, and despite the best of intentions, it can be hard to stick to.

Water flossers are electronic devices that floss your teeth by spurting pressurised water into the species between your teeth and gums to remove food debris and plaque build-up.

While this may seem like a bit of a fad, they can remove 99.9 percent of debris and can get deeper into your gums than regular flossing, meaning it can give your teeth a more comprehensive clean.

Amazon has a big selection of water flossers on their website, and many of the reviews mention being shocked at how much food was removed from their teeth after using it – despite the fact they’d always regularly flossed using traditional methods.

In the same way that those who have upgraded to an electric toothbrush can’t imagine going back to manual brushing because it could never give the same deep clean, once you switch to water flossing you’ll never go back.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, keep scrolling to see the top seven best selling water flossers on Amazon.

Woman with braces using a water flosser

7 best selling water flossers on Amazon (Image: GETTY)

Fairywill Water Flosser

Fairywill Water Flosser (Image: Amazon)

4.3 stars from 5,391 ratings

Remove 99.9 percent of food residue from the deep recesses between your teeth with this water flosser with exceptionally strong water pressure.

Along with giving your teeth a thorough clean, the pressure of this flosser also gives your gums a massage that increases blood circulation for healthier teeth and gums.

When fully charged, the device holds four hours of battery life which equates to roughly 28 days of flossing.

Promising review:

“I have been using an electric toothbrush for a while and I thought I will try electric flossing kit this time as I heard so many good things about it. I find manual flossing a bit painful due to my tooth sensitivity and I was really shocked at how effective and painless the flossing kit is. The flosser has good power and flosses automatically with no time and without missing some areas what happened often with manually flossing. It’s easy to fill up the canister and I can say after using it for almost 2 weeks I can see my teeth feel cleaner and fresher. I really like this product and I recommend it to everyone who wants to have clean, fresh and healthy teeth”.

Water tank: 300ml

RRP: £34.99

Shop on Amazon here…


Hangsun Cordless Water Flosser

Hangsun Cordless Water Flosser (Image: Amazon)

4.3 stars from 1,681 ratings

Deeply cleanse and refresh your teeth and gums with this water flosser that gives 1,600 pulses per minute for a comprehensive clean.

This pulse rate, in conjunction with strong water pressure, cleans deeply between the teeth where regular flossing struggles to reach.

Promising review:

“At first I was unsure of this product due to the size and the brand but after trying it out, I found that it was brilliant, helping to deep clean the teeth and gums and especially in the harder to reach places where you normally would not be able to clean easily. It is a compact enough size to fit in your travel case and take everywhere. Easy to use and control, with the 3 modes, you can adjust to the most appropriate setting for you. The water tank was large enough to last for a very long time. Using it to massage the gums felt extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for something to help deep clean between the teeth and gums and keeping excellent mouth hygiene”.

RRP: £23.99

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Atmoko Cordless Electric Water Flosser

Atmoko Cordless Electric Water Flosser (Image: Amazon)

4.7 stars from 4,190 ratings

Coming with a 360-degree rotating head and a powerful motor, this water flosser comes with three different pulse modes so you can switch it up to suit your oral hygiene needs.

Promising review:

“Only used a couple of times but I can definitely see a difference.

With not being able to get a scale and polish at the dentist at present I thought I’d try this.

I always end up with plaque building up in between bottom teeth no matter what I do. I tried it for the first night and used it in the shower which I’m pleased about as it is a messy job. Also a word of advice: use warm water, nearly jumping through the roof using cold. Gets right through the nerves. After the second try, I can see results of staining reducing and some plaque removal. I’m going to keep trying to see how much improvement I see. Whilst I may not get rid of all the ingrained plaque without dental help. Once I manage to eventually get rid of the plaque build-up professionally, I will use this to ensure it does not harden on again”.

RRP: £32.99

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Waterpik WP-662UK Ultra Professional Water Flosser

Waterpik WP-662UK Ultra Professional Water Flosser (Image: Amazon)

4.4 stars from 1,731 ratings

With a cord that’s attached to a large water tank, you’ll never have to worry about this flosser running out of water mid-way through your flossing session.

The pressure and pulsation combination clean deeply beneath the gum line where traditional flossing can’t quite get to.

Promising review:

“When the dentist said I had gum disease and I was not flossing enough I was upset and explained that flossing was a chore and I did not always think I was getting everything. My dentist advised I get this item so I bought it when I got back home and it arrived the next day. It has a few attachments but I just use the one and have it at settings 7 and 8 and both are very powerful. At first, I used cold water but my teeth were too sensitive so put warm water in.

When I first used it I could not believe the amount of food that came out of my mouth, I am still shocked at times. No amount of flossing would have been so effective – no wonder I had gum disease. Two weeks later I went back to the dentist and he told me the gum disease had cleared up. My mouth feels much cleaner now I use this. One of the best things I have bought in a long while”.

RRP: £67.99, on sale now for £50.99 – you save £17

Shop on Amazon here…

Pechman Portable Oral Irrigator

Pechman Portable Oral Irrigator (Image: Amazon)

4.3 stars from 3,323 ratings

Massage your gums to improve blood circulation and remove food residue that brushing doesn’t get with this powerful dental water jet flosser by Pechman.

Promising review:

“I had never used a water flosser before and rarely use normal floss because it’s so inconvenient and takes so long to do. This takes 10 seconds to fill and gives you a couple of minutes of constant high-pressure flossing that very effectively blasts all the food from in-between my teeth. I end up with a very clean-feeling mouth and no longer spend half the day prying the bits out with my tongue. There are several settings, including a pulsating one, but I just stick to the normal setting as that feels like the most effective. For the money, it is definitely worth the convenience and positive impact on my oral health”.

RRP: £29.99, on sale now for £25.49 – you save £4.50

Shop on Amazon here…

Waterpik WP-560UK Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

Waterpik WP-560UK Cordless Advanced Water Flosser (Image: Amazon)

4.4 stars from 1,075 ratings

Enjoy fresher breath, cleaner teeth and healthier gums with this pressurised water flosser from Waterpik.

The rechargeable battery powers the device for a full week, and only takes four hours to fully charge.

Promising review:

“I bought this on a friend’s recommendation as I absolutely loathe dental floss or tape. It makes my gums too sore and never seems very effective.

This on the other hand makes flossing a joy. Using along the gum line and between the teeth, the teeth and gums feel so much better. Clears all debris between the teeth and leaves your mouth better than any mouthwash can, simply using water!”.

RRP: £84.99, on sale now for £59.99 – you save £25

Shop on Amazon here…

Bierdorf Cordless water flosser

Bierdorf Cordless water flosser (Image: Amazon)

4.7 stars from 56 ratings

Coming with a cordess, rechargeable flosser and four replaceable jet heads, this device comes with everything you need to take your oral hygiene to a whole new level.

Promising review:

“So now that dentists are allowed to deal with patients again, I got a nice lecture from the dentist about my oral health, my lack of flossing and my need to practise better oral care. I’m not going to lie, I let things slip during the lockdown and developed some bad habits.

The BIERDORF Flosser is a great way to floss and clear the nasty bacteria that sits in the gum line that brushing doesn’t get to. The device is simple and easy to use, runs for ages off of a charge and does a remarkably effective job at flossing”.

RRP: £28.99

Shop on Amazon here…

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