A day in the life of a funeral director

Dealing with death everyday might sound unnerving, but there is actually far more that goes into the job than some might think. Generally, funeral directors arrange the details and handle the logistics of a funeral, taking into account the wishes of the deceased and family members.

Laurence Jones, partner of Laurence Jones Funeral Directors in Bebington, Wirral, gave us some insider knowledge on what a typical day looks like as a funeral director, and it is safe to say that no two days are ever the same.

Mr Jones told the Mirror: “We normally start at about 7am to get the cars cleaned for morning funerals, and the florists usually start delivering flowers from 8am for the day’s services.

“The phone usually starts ringing from the public at around 8:30am for general daily enquiries and it can be absolutely anything. The other day we had someone call to collect their father’s ashes from 20 years ago. This can happen at any time, particularly over ashes, as people often want to pair them with a recently deceased family member.”

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Mr Jones added: “You can be on any one of them for at least two hours. The preparation time takes a while too, with embalming, dressing, showing the deceased in the chapel viewing and sorting out the service leaflets with the family.”

With the service leaflets, funeral directors will mock-up a copy and send it over to the family before it gets printed, just to ensure that it is correct and what they want.

Mr Jones summarised: “Very often, all these things come at once. You can get people turning up unexpectedly asking for ashes from 30 years ago, or be waiting on forms you have asked for that haven’t been done by the authorities. I enjoy it though, no day is ever the same, that’s for sure.”

Additional reporting by Emily Sleight.

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