A Marvel Villain Has A Hilarious Version Of Thor’s Hammer

In the latest issue of MODOK, the titular villain reveals he has a weapon that can rival Thor’s hammer and it’s not what fans might think.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for MODOK: Head Games #4!

The finale has arrived for Marvel Comics’ MODOK: Head Games miniseries, and it features the debut of the murderous organism’s hilarious version of Thor’s own hammer. While MODOK had been struggling with the litany of strange new memories of a family he’s never had, his journey led him straight to his own father, the secret founder of AIM itself. While MODOK’s reprehensible father revealed secrets of his son’s own origin and planned to kill his progeny, MODOK eventually gets the upper hand with his amazing secret weapon of Asgardian origin.

In MODOK: Head Games #4, MODOK’s father finally reveals himself, having been in hiding ever since MODOK changed his primary directives to “killing” instead of “computing” when he was first created. However, since the injuries MODOK recently sustained – which began his memories of an entire suburban life with a family he’s never known (the same life fans will see when MODOK’s Hulu series airs) – his father was able to guide him right where he wanted him. MODOK was quickly overwhelmed by super-adaptoids that had been protecting AIM’s founder and fellow leaders, all of whom had been hiding and waiting for the right moment to strike and take back their organization.

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Having been captured and de-armed of his extensive arsenal of weapons, MODOK’s father intended to wipe his son’s autonomy and free will completely, turning him into the weapon and tool he was always meant to be. However, AIM underestimated MODOK, as they often do. As AIM agents were confused as to why the living, deadly super-computer would need a cell phone, MODOK revealed in the most brutal way possible why his phone was the most powerful weapon in his possession: his phone case was made from Uru, the same Asgardian metal used to forge Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir.


Remarkably, MODOK managed to secure some Uru during the Asgardian War of the Realms, and in his inflated sense of superiority decided that the best use of it would be to forge it into his new cell phone case. However, he was still able to control and manipulate its powerful nature just like Thor would with his hammer. As such, MODOK used it to kill all of the AIM agents, including his father. While winning the day with an Asgardian phone case was probably not how most readers expected the series’ conflict to end, it’s still pretty hilarious regardless.

The conclusion also sees MODOK using his father’s adaptoid tech to create his own family, the same one seen in his mind, which means they now technically exist in the Marvel Universe leading into their upcoming debut on Hulu. As a result, MODOK is back on top leading AIM once more, though one has to wonder if he’ll ever unleash his deadly phone case again in the future of Marvel Comics. And what would happen if Thor‘s hammer ever went up against MODOK‘s phone?

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