A Tiny Detail Debunks Encanto’s Best Bruno Theory

An Encanto Easter egg appears to show Bruno hiding in the background of a scene, but a small detail in the animated Disney film may debunk it.

An Encanto Easter egg appears to show Bruno hiding in the background of a scene, but a tiny detail may debunk it. In Disney’s EncantoMirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) deals with the pressures of living in a family where all the members have magical gifts except for her. For instance, her sister Luisa (Jessica Darrow) has super strength, and Camilo (Rhenzy Feliz), one of her cousins, has the power to shapeshift into other people. However, when the house they live in starts to show cracks, Mirabel sets out to discover why, and her lack of gifts doesn’t hold her back.

Bruno (John Leguizamo) is Mirabel’s mysterious uncle. In the film’s opening song, “The Family Madrigal,” Mirabel explains that Bruno could supposedly see the future, but he ends up disappearing. He’s the only family member with the gift of foresight, and he earned a bad reputation because of it. As Mirabel inspects the cause of the cracks in her house, Bruno’s sad Madrigal history comes to light. However, the family makes a point of saying they don’t talk about Bruno during the appropriately titled song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”


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During “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” fans have spotted a supposed Easter egg that shows Bruno in the background, but a detail may dispute it. In the song, Dolores Madrigal (Adassa), who has the gift of supernatural hearing, sings about still hearing Bruno in the house. During her part, Bruno seemingly appears in the background and dances along to the song. However, at the time, Bruno’s eyes are glowing. A fan theory (via Reddit) points out that Bruno’s eyes only glow during his visions. Because of that, Camilo may be appearing as Bruno in the background during “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” instead. After all, Camilo shapeshifts into Bruno during the song, and his eyes glow the entire time.

Encanto Bruno Behind Mirabel and Dolores

Details from the film support the idea that Camilo is the character in the background, not Bruno. In addition to the glowing eyes, Camilo’s solo in the song occurs directly after Dolores. So he was obviously ready to go with his Bruno form. The film later reveals that the real Bruno secretly lived in the house’s walls and patched the cracks that appeared in the structure. When Mirabel discovers him in the film, he tells her he doesn’t “do visions” anymore. So, due to Bruno’s lack of visions and Camilo’s constantly glowing eyes, it seems John Leguizamo’s Uncle Bruno wasn’t in the background of the scene.

Though the evidence is against Bruno appearing in the scene, there’s still a possibility it’s him. When Mirabel discovers Bruno, he’s wearing an outfit that lets him pull a hood over his head. During “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” the character in the background has a similarly hooded outfit. However, when Camilo appears as Bruno, he doesn’t wear a hood over his head. Of course, even if Bruno were secretly in the background of Encanto, the family wouldn’t talk about it.

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