A Top Four is Chosen

On the second to last episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under the queens say who should go home and why. Who was able to narrowly escape elimination?

This week is the penultimate episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under. The competition is down (under) to the top five queens and the dolls are being shady. This episode is jam-packed with a great runway, a strange talent show and the queens say who should go home and why.

In the Werk Room the queens are sizing each other up as they approach the finish line. Karen says Kita Mean is her biggest competition right now. Karen continues to say that Kita not only won last week but she is the only queen who has not been in the bottom this season. Kita says in front of everyone that when she pictured the top five at the end it did not include Elektra Shock. These Australian and New Zealand queens really lean into the brutal honesty.

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This week the queens are doing a good old-fashioned All Stars style talent show! Kita Mean gets to pick the order because she won last week. She hilariously says “I might sabo everyone” which is Kiwi and gay for sabotage. Scarlet Adams very much wants to go last in the talent show and so does Elektra. Karen asks Elektra if her talent is even drag because she is wearing a simple dress and just dancing. This is a fair point. Modern dance is a very clear art form, but not many would call it drag.

In a very unique move for the Drag Race franchise, they use audio with very little visual of Elektra secretly asking Kita Mean to put her last to mess with Scarlet. When Scarlet sees the running order she is not happy.

In the talent show, Karen From Finance tries to do sexy, because RuPaul and Raven challenged her to. Then she pulls out some very bland balloon animals. It’s really rough and she does not seem confident performing, which is becoming a theme for this frontrunner queen. Kita Mean does some really amazing drag reveals but the judges read her for taking too long to get to the good stuff. Art Simone shows up for the first time this week. She eats food as her talent. It is such a strange and risky choice and that is drag. Scarlet Adams undeniably slays this with a sexy pole dance situation. She is very problematic but she also clearly wins this week. Elektra Shock does a modern dance piece that predictably does not translate on a drag stage. She just looks like a modern dancer. Not a drag queen.

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On the runway, the category is: How’s your head? Karen struts out in a humungous and amazing pink headpiece. Art Simone is wearing something butterfly filled that feels like we have seen six times already. This Butterfly Effect is not very… effective. Kita Mean gives futuristic space drag. It’s really amazing and fun. Scarlet Adams looks really incredible in her ostrich feather outfit. This is very disturbing and to add to how disappointing this season has been, it is starting to feel like the queen who has a very racist past very well might win this season. Yikes. Elektra Shock is serving a beautiful burlesque outfit. This is the best she has looked all season.

RuPaul asks the queens “who should go home tonight and why?” Every single person says Elektra Shock. It is not surprising. She is a star, but she is so far behind the rest of the pack in the make-up and costume departments. Plus she was the worst.

The winner this week is Scarlet Adams and the bottom two are Elektra Shock and Elektra SHOCKINGLY… Kita Mean. It should have been Ms. Finance. Kita wins the lip-sync and Elektra sashays away. The top four of the season are Kita Mean, Karen From Finance, Scarlet Adams and Art Simone.

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