All New Copy Abilities In The Trailer

The new Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer revealed three new copy abilities, and players are looking forward to using them once it releases.

A new trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land recently dropped, and it showed a few new copy abilities for Kirby to pummel his enemies with. The game is highly anticipated by fans, and the hype is only growing due to the new abilities and elements shown in the trailer. Although all of the copy abilities won’t be known until the game actually releases, the ones that have been revealed in the trailer look exciting and fun, so hopefully more are coming.

Kirby’s main power is to suck up enemies and take their abilities, which have been his primary weapons in most of the games. Among others, he’s used a sword, a hammer, and a yo-yo. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is groundbreaking due to its 3D world, and it would appear that the innovations won’t stop there. The new Kirby will be its Super Mario 64 in that it’s the first one to be in 3D. None of Kirby’s new powers are named yet, but each of them promises a new way to play.


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In the new Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer, the pink puffball is shown exploding like a bomb, as well as using a gun and a drill. The three new copy abilities shown so far will apparently come with their own special moves. Although Kirby isn’t shown absorbing the enemies that will give him these powers, he does use them against ones with similar abilities, so players should at least have some idea of which foes to absorb if they want to use the new copy abilities, and perhaps even Kirby’s most obscure ability, in The Forgotten Land.

Kirby’s New Copy Ability – Explosion

Kirby Forgotten Land Explosion Copy Hat

Although Kirby has had a Bomb ability in the past, it looks quite unlike the explosion that he sets off in the trailer. The signature hat that Kirby gains with every power is different, and with the Bomb ability, he simply creates bombs and doesn’t explode himself. This is the least-shown new copy ability in the Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer – it’s only used once and doesn’t feature any special moves. It’s possible that this means that it’s very rare and only used in certain places. It might not correspond to an actual enemy, and could be used to clear obstacles or allow Kirby to access certain areas rather than in combat.

Kirby’s New Copy Ability, Drill, In The Forgotten Land Trailer

Kirby Forgotten Land Copy Ability Drill

The second of Kirby’s new copy abilities is a large Drill that goes on his head. He’s shown using it to tunnel underground and burst out to collect a coin. Although Kirby might not be 2022’s biggest Nintendo game, this promises an exciting aspect to Kirby and the Forgotten Land. He also digs a circle around a large mole-like creature, which may be the enemy that provides the ability, in order to create a fissure and defeat it. The combat applications are made clear, but this may be another ability that also acts as a utility. He may use it to tunnel under obstacles or break through them, but it can’t be said for sure until the game comes out.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Trailer Shows Off New Copy Ability – Gun

Kirby Forgotten Land Copy Ability Gun

Kirby and firearms are two things that don’t seem like they would go together, but the cute blunderbuss that Kirby is shown with in the Forgotten Land trailer fits surprisingly well. He fires bullets along with star-shaped projectiles, and can charge up to deliver a powerful shot. He uses it to fight a hairy enemy with a pith helmet and a similar weapon, which could be where it comes from. Aside from shooting far-away boxes, it’s unknown how many uses this will have outside of combat, but Kirby fans are already looking forward to wielding it in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

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