Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Every House & Shop Dimensions

Knowing every shop and house dimension is important for creating the perfect town. Here are their dimensions in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires that the player knows the dimensions of each shop and home upgrade on their tropical island to help them customize properly. Here is the list of every dimension for shops and homes in the game. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that throws its player onto a tropical island with nothing more than two friends, a tycoon raccoon, and the nature surrounding them. The player will need to start from scratch to help turn this deserted island into a tropical getaway known around the world. The player starts their ACNH journey from humble beginnings, kicking off their island experience living in a small tent. The player will grind away by shaking trees, collecting fruit and branches, and crafting tools to help them make their money on the island.


The game has gone ahead and sold several millions of copies and continues to dominate the hearts and minds of players alike. One major factor in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the experience of building a new town from the ground up. Each island is unique, but placing certain homes and shops in specific locations will help generate a certain vibe from the island. Placing the home in the wrong location may trigger certain players’ OCD about its location. This guide will help players by giving them the dimensions to help them perfect their home and shop locations all around the island.

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Since islands in ACNH are unique in size, it would be helpful for players to know the exact size of each building in the game. As the player begins to expand their island empire, their homes will continue to grow, and shops will start to open up in various locations around the island. Players can relocate buildings, bridges and create inclines along the landscape of their islands if they want to manage space better. However, every building in the game has a different dimension that players should know before relocating shops and bridges in ACNHEvery Shop and Home Dimension in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Room House Design Examples

Here is the complete list of every home layout and shop layout to help players design their island.

  • The First Home: This location is unlocked after completing the 5,000 Nook Miles task loan. It comes along with a 7X4 floor plan and includes 80 slots for storage. This is the first home upgrade in the game and can be done within the first few days of playing. If players want to relocate their first home, it costs 30,000 bells to do so.
  • The Second Home Upgrade: This one is given to the player after paying off the 98,000 Bell loan for the First Home. This makes the floor a bit bigger, bringing it to an eight-by-eight system and brings the total amount of storage from 80 slots to 120 slots. This may take a few days to complete, but selling bugs and fish is the most effective way of paying this off early on.
  • Back Room Upgrade: This home upgrade in ACNH becomes available after paying off the 198,000 Bell loan for the Second Home upgrade. This is the first housing upgrade that will bring an additional room to the house. The dimensions of this extra room are six-by-six and provide the player with more storage space, bringing it to a total of 240. Players will now need to get more crafty with all this extra space.
  • Left Room Upgrade: This home upgrade becomes available after paying off the 348,000 Bell loan for the Back Room upgrade. This adds an additional six-by-six room to the left side of the house and brings the total storage to 360 items. Also, players can now move their mailboxes around on their property.
  • Right Room Upgrade: This home upgrade becomes available after paying off the 548,000 Bell loan for the Left Room upgrade. This adds an additional six-by-six room to the right side of the house and brings the total storage to 400 items. Also, players can now customize their front doors.
  • Second Floor Upgrade: This home upgrade becomes available after paying off the 758,000 Bell Loan for the Right Room upgrade. This adds a ten-by-ten second-floor room to customize. It also includes a storage upgrade, which brings the total to 800 items. Players can now also begin to customize the siding of their homes.
  • Basement Upgrade: This home upgrade becomes available after paying off the 1,248,000 Bell Loan for the Second Floor upgrade. This adds an additional ten-by-ten basement floor. This also brings the total amount of storage items to 1600 slots.
  • Nook’s Cranny: 7 wide by 4 long exteriors. If players want to relocate Nook’s Cranny, it costs 50,000 bells to do so.
  • Museum: 7 wide by 4 long exteriors. The museum also costs 50,000 bells to relocate in ACNH.
  • Campsite: 4 wide by 4 long exteriors. To relocate a campsite, it costs 10,000 bells in ACNH.
  • Able Sisters Taylor Shop: 5 wide by 4 long exteriors. Players will need to shell out 50,000 bells if they want to relocate the Able Sisters Taylor Shop.
  • Villager Home: 4 wide by 4 long exteriors. Players can relocate unwanted or less important villager homes by paying 10,000 bells.
  • Staircase: 2 wide by 4 long exteriors.
  • Bridges: every bridge in ACNH is 4 spaces wide and can be built over water.
  • Inclines: to build an incline, players will need 2 wide by 1 long spaces on the cliff and an additional 2 wide by 3 long spots on the land below.

This information is essential for plotting down locations on the island. Players who are keen on the exact measurements of certain properties will find value in this information. This also helps players who plan to build around these structures, like planting flowers or shrubs. The game continues to add new features every month with free updates. For the month of June, the Wedding Season event will be taking place, allowing players to collect DIY recipes surrounding weddings. These events happen only for a limited time, so make sure to collect them when they appear before they are gone forever.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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