Aquarius horoscope May 2021: What’s in store for Aquarius in May?

Aquarius is in for a positive month full of fun, flirting, and dreaming. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Aquarius May 2021 predictions.

What’s in store for Aquarius in May?

Mercury and Venus in Gemini at the start of May is very exciting for Aquarius, who could do with a push to be more sociable after a year of lockdowns.

Bex said: “As these planets leave the grounding energy of stable Taurus and drift into the flightier sign of Gemini, you can look forward to a sparkling May where your creativity is lit up like a bonfire.

“You’ll find you can express your viewpoints with ultimate ease. Gemini is an air sign and as such is associated with intelligence, communication and mental dexterity, and when Mercury moves here it gives rise to spontaneous thoughts and bright ideas.

“Use this as an opportunity to get creative and have some witty and intelligent conversations with your nearest and dearest!

“You’ll also feel more youthful as this transit brings out a mischievous side to you – enjoy spring in the air and make the most of these frivolous fancies!”

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Aquarians aren’t the most romantic people, but Venus in Gemini is going to push romance to the forefront of your life this month.

Bex said: “You’re also going to be feeling frisky when it comes to your love life, and romantic matters turn your head when Venus moves into Gemini in the second week of May.

“It’s a great time to flirt your socks off, dazzle anyone who dares approach you, and be your most charming self.

“You’re going to be seriously magnetic to others and people just want to be around your glowing radiance.

“It’s also a time when you could get on well with children – either your own or those of your friends. They warm to your playful nature and harmony abounds!”

The Full Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will encourage Aquarius to think more about others.

Bex said: “The Full Moon Eclipse will turn your attention to the society, social causes you care about and also your future generally.

“When Lunar Eclipses occur, it’s like a supercharged Full Moon, bringing with it a chance to shed limiting beliefs and release that which no longer serves us and is holding us back.”

“Lunar Eclipses also signal ending points, when something significant in our lives concludes and we are shown the way forward into something new and exciting.

“Since this is happening in your Eleventh House in the sign of the wide-ranging wanderer Sagittarius, it could show a complete review of how you want to show up in your social circle or help humanity as a whole.

“Innovation comes to the forefront and you may decide on a new, unique way of helping others that completely alters the way you view your future path. Big changes are coming with this Lunar Eclipse… but you’re ready for them Aquarius!”

To find out more about your star sign and birth chart, visit Bex’s website here.

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