Aries September horoscope 2021: What’s in store for Aries this month?

The New Moon in Virgo is the first big event for you this month, Aries.

Bex said: “The New Moon is occurring in the early hours of Tuesday, September 7 in the constellation of Virgo.

“New Moons take place once every four weeks and signify new beginnings, as they are traditionally used to set intentions that will help empower us over the course of the following month.

“This particular Moon will bring a fresh perspective to the way you approach your daily routine and your job role.”

Starting a new exercise regime, considering a new diet or embracing a healthy habit is likely around this time and it’s the perfect opportunity to revaluate your approach to self-care and wellness, according to Bex.

The astrologer warned: “Ensure that you’re setting yourself achievable targets so that if this burst of enthusiasm for your wholesome new lifestyle fades slightly, you’ll still have the energy to keep it up!”

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