Asda UK: Supermarket expands groceries at sustainable refill zones

Asda has continued to improve its sustainable range for customers. Refill stations are set to hit more stores and it has added more products to the range.

Four more branches are set to get the stations in the coming months.

Refill zones will open in the Rugby and Glasgow Toryglen stores in August, in York in October and at the Milton Keynes branch in December.

The stations already have a wide range of own brand products available.

They also offer food from popular brands including Yorkshire Tea, Napolina, Tilda, Mars and Kellogg’s.


Now, the supermarket will roll out 50 more products that will be available this week.

This will include more items from Napolina, Kellogg’s ans Silver Spoon’s ranges, as well as petfood from Mars.

Prefilled one litre glass bottles of Coca-Cola will be available at the refill zones.

Once finished, the bottles can be returned, cleaned and reused.

“Superb work from Asda to roll out more of their refill zones across larger stores,” one said.

Another social media user added: “It looks good.”

A third commented: “Interesting, not seen this before.”

One more shared their praises, and wrote: “A fabulous idea.”

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