Autumn nails: Five ways to feel autumnal by painting your nails

It may be looking dull outside, but your nails should be anything but drab! A new manicure is an inexpensive and easy way to update your look for Autumn. Here are five ways to embrace the season with a new nail palette.

A seasonal manicure is a perfect accessory for Autumn.

When the leaves begin to turn golden and fall from the trees, it’s time to swap out the Summer wardrobe for Autumn cosiness.

While Summer is all about bright colours, Autumn brings with it a darker colour palette.

Now is the time for dark oranges, burgundy, navy and forest green shades.

Whatever you’re wearing, accompany your outfit with an autumnal manicure. No matter how cold it gets, you won’t be hiding these nails away in gloves or pockets.

Here are five ideas to paint your nails for Autumn.

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Dramatic Dark Red

Sumptuous shades of deep red and burgundy were made for Autumn and Winter.

Match your nails to the shade of your red lip for maximum impact.

With these red nails, you won’t need a good box set to curl up with because you are dramatic enough!

Retro Swirls

Groovy retro swirls are all over Instagram at the moment.

Create bold wiggles using colours from a vintage 1960s and ‘70s inspired palette.

Keep to different shades of the same colour for a subtle ombre look or be bold with a pop of colour.

A handful of glitter

When it gets darker outside, it means we have to bring the sparkle.

Brighten up your look with glittering nails.

Gold and silver are classics, but a copper or rose gold nail is perfect for this season.

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