Batman Proves He Knows Superman Better Than Wonder Woman Does

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are closer than most heroes in the DC Universe, but the Dark Knight just proved he knows the Man of Steel best.

Warning! Spoilers for Superman: Red & Blue #3

Batman has proven that he knows Superman even better than Wonder Woman does. The DC Trinity has always been close with each other, but due to Batman’s observation skills, he might have a certain advantage in their relationship.

Although DC’s greatest superheroes share a spot on the Justice League, they aren’t necessarily close with one another. Hal Jordan and Barry Allen have had one of the best bromances in the DC Universe, and Superman and Wonder Woman were romantically involved just a few years ago. However, since they tend to spend the most time together while fighting world threatening villains, there isn’t much opportunity for them to truly get to know each other. In contrast to the rest of the League, Batman and Superman’s relationship has had more time to grow, as seen in Superman: Red & Blue #3 written by Jesse J. Holland with art by Laura Braga.

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While Bruce and Diana are supposed to be getting together with Clark for dinner, the Amazon says that Superman doesn’t have the same privileges they have. As Clark is running late, Wonder Woman says that the Man of Steel belongs to everybody. Due to this reality, she vouches for Clark occasionally arriving late. Unlike the two of them, Superman’s responsibilities are often for the entire world. Although Batman is designated to Gotham City and Wonder Woman goes where she is needed, Superman lives in constant awareness of global threats. Bruce remarks that Clark’s upbringing with traditional midwestern values, while making it hard to meet deadlines, gives him a sense of humanity. Just before Clark arrives, Bruce predicts that these values ensure he won’t miss their dinner. As he says to Wonder Woman, “You know Superman. But I know Clark.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Batman would have the most insight of his peer’s character. Since he’s the world’s greatest detective, his ability to predict things before they happen is hard to beat. Out of the members of the Justice League, Superman and Batman have had the longest running shared adventures, giving them the unique chance to bond. Even with Diana giving Clark the benefit of the doubt, it feels right for Bruce to have the upper hand in knowing what to expect from their super friend.

As Bruce mentions, the very thing that is making Superman late for their dinner is what will make him arrive sooner or later. Clark’s integrity and humble outlook wouldn’t permit him to ghost his fellow members of the DC Trinity. Just as Superman wouldn’t miss a person’s cry for help, he wouldn’t miss a birthday, a doctor’s appointment, or any other occasion he had committed to. Bruce makes a great point to Wonder Woman in saying that this is what makes the god-like Kryptonian feel so human. Even though Batman is the only true human among the Trinity, Superman tends to feel the most human of them all.

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