BioShock Creator Teases Next Game Is “Quite Something”

During an Arcade Attack podcast appearance, BioShock creator Ken Levine teased his next game is “quite something” but wouldn’t offer specifics.

During a recent podcast appearance, BioShock creator Ken Levine offered a brief tease about what players can expect from his next game. Levine’s current development studio Ghost Story Games opened up shop several years ago, not too long after the restructuring and rebranding of BioShock and BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games. While Ghost Story and publisher Take-Two Interactive have yet to formally announce the relatively new studio’s debut project, Levine shares the occasional hint every so often.

In the past, the director has teased his interest in “narrative Legos,” a concept that prioritizes non-linearity, player-driven elements, and replayability. Such narrative building blocks play a key role in Ghost Story’s first game, though the public remains in the dark about what exactly the concept entails when put to practice by Levine and Co. Even the title and basic premise have yet to emerge, well-known facts that recently came under scrutiny in a Bloomberg report claiming the endeavor is trapped in development hell.


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Speaking to Arcade Attack (via GameSpot), Ken Levine noted the scarcity of news regarding Ghost Story’s work-in-progress is intentional. The team would rather reveal the project closer to launch, he said on the podcast, explaining his desire to avoid sharing information and building hype too early. Levine did provide a couple of vague teases, however, calling the mystery project “quite something, quite interesting.” The developer told Arcade Attack in part, “I think people will be surprised, but unsurprised by what they see. In equal measures. But it is yeah… it’s quite something, quite interesting, and I’m looking forward to showing it to people.”

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Given Ken Levine’s pedigree, it seems safe to assume that Ghost Story’s debut game will indeed be “quite something.” When the studio plans to formally unveil the project itself is not yet known, however.

While speaking with Arcade Attack, Levine also made it clear he has no part to play in the ongoing production of Take-Two’s new BioShock adventure. The publisher’s next foray into the BioShock multiverse is being headed by developer Cloud Chamber. Rumors claim the narrative takes place in the fictional Antarctic city Borealis during the 1960s, the same decade explored by the franchise’s first entry. Reports also suggest the game could hit store shelves this year, though none of the above has received official confirmation.

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The BioShock creator’s next project still lacks a title and release details.

Source: Arcade Attack via GameSpot

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