Bo Burnham’s Inside Netflix Special Songs Release On Spotify

Bo Burnham’s recently released Netflix comedy special, Inside, is now available to stream as an album on Spotify and other music services.

The songs from Bo Burnham’s recently released Netflix special, Inside, are now available to stream on Spotify. The musical comedian originally got his start online, writing and performing songs alone in his room at the age of 16. As one of YouTube’s first breakout stars, he quickly used this fame to transition to a career as a touring stand-up comedian. Before Inside, Burnham produced two specials for Netflix, what. and Make Happy, before quitting comedy altogether in 2015, which he later revealed was due to severe mental health issues.

After that, Burnham began acting more regularly, appearing in the Kumail Nanjiani-led comedy The Big Sick and the ensemble comedy Rough Night in small roles. Burnham’s film career began to burgeon after his first turn as a writer/director in the A24 film Eighth Grade, a coming-of-age drama that was met with massive critical acclaim and numerous accolades. Most recently, Burnham starred prominently in the Academy Award-winning Promising Young Woman opposite Carey Mulligan. After the pandemic hit, Burnham decided to use the time in lockdown to secretly begin producing a brand new comedy special for Netflix.

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In late April, Burnham shocked fans by announcing his return to comedy with a new special, which landed on Netflix May 30. Like much of Burnham’s work, Inside has been lavished with praise for its clever songwriting and intense introspection, but also as an honest and beautiful depiction of lockdown life. Now, Burnham‘s Inside can be streamed as an album on Spotify, along with other music services like iTunes, Amazon Music, and Tidal.

From “FaceTime with My Mom (Tonight)” to “White Woman’s Instagram,” Inside features some of the most creative, catchy, and hilarious songs Burnham has made throughout his career. “Welcome to the Internet” perfectly captures the corrosive levels of content and information online, while songs like “All Time Low” and “That Funny Feeling” are truly heartbreaking, as Burnham grapples with feelings of futility and loneliness. In the special’s emotional climax “All Eyes On Me,” Burnham addresses the ego of performers and the urge to get back on stage.

Coming off the heels of Inside, no one knows what the multi-talented entertainer will do next, perhaps even himself. Burnham’s career trajectory has been unpredictable thus far, surprisingly quitting comedy, making his directorial debut a few years later, followed by his dramatic return to performing this year. Burnham will continue acting, as he was cast as Larry Bird in HBO’s upcoming series about the 1980 Showtime Lakers. However, Burnham expressed his desire to start performing live again in Inside and after it is permissible under COVID safety regulations, he just might.

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