Brighten your dark circles with the best vitamin C eye creams of 2021

Vitamin C, which is also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that is commonly found in skincare. Vitamin C serums and creams can brighten your skin tone, fade age spots, fight environmental aggressors, and decrease pigmentation. Many of these products, however, can be a little too strong for your delicate under eye skin.

When looking for products that can help with under eye skin concerns, you need to be careful that you’re not looking at products that are too strong that will just exacerbate the issue. Eye creams are moisturisers that have been made using gentle ingredients that can help you hydrate your under eyes without causing irritation.

Vitamin C under eye creams provides all of these hydrating, anti-ageing benefits while also giving you the brightening, dark-circle fighting effects of Vitamin C. Keep scrolling below to see seven of the best vitamin C infused under eye creams you can buy in the UK.

Enriched with Murad’s stabilised vitamin C that enhances L-ascorbic acids stability and potency, this under eye cream provides strong antioxidant protection while helping to brighten dark circles.

Also included in the formula are red and brown algae extracts that help to decrease puffiness and soothe irritation under the eyes, which along with its brightening properties help you look more refreshed and lively.

For those who are also concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, the cucumber extract and micro-minerals blended into the formula helps to hydrate and smooth fine lines while illuminating dark shadows.

RRP: £56

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This superfood infused, 100 percent vegan eye cream gently hydrates your eye area while smoothing lines for a more youthful look.

Using THD ascorbate, which is an ultra-stable form of vitamin C, as well as hyaluronic acid and Gogi stem cell, this velvety cream promotes firmer, brighter skin without causing irritation.

RRP: £42

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PIXI is a brand we can trust for a potent formulation that gets the job done without breaking the bank.

This brightening eye cream has been enriched with deeply penetrative vitamin C that reduces dark circles and discolouration over time.

Ferulic Acid has also been included in this powerhouse formulation, helping to firm under eye skin, while the added caffeine helps you look more awake.

RRP: £16

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Definitely more of an investment than the other eye creams on this list, but worth the money if you’re looking for a potent formulation that fights premature ageing and significantly brightens the under eye area.

Formulated with a powerful blend of antioxidants and vitamin C, this lightweight eye cream repairs damage caused by environmental aggressors such as pollution and sun damage.

Along with being deeply restorative, the eye cream is also super hydrating with its micro-algae blend that helps to lock in moisture throughout the day and peptides that improve the elasticity of the skin.

RRP: £63

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Using a blend of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, this budget-friendly serum hydrates and brightens in one easy step.

The lightweight eye gel sinks in quickly, allowing it to sit perfectly under makeup as it provides 24-hours of hydration.

RRP: £9

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Target dark circles and fine lines with this potent vitamin C serum that has been boosted with light-diffusing particles that leave the eye area looking brighter, firmer and smoother.

RRP: £12.99, on sale now for £9 – you save £3.99

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Fight dehydration and the signs of fatigue with this antioxidant, vitamin E, and vitamin C infused eye cream that tangibly firms the contour of your eye while brightening dull skin.

RRP: £10, on sale now for £8.11 – you save £1.89

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