Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: Body language is ‘hands-off’ compared to Diana and Kate

“Visiting this hospice, Camilla projected empathy by a continual series of nods, nodding both as she spoke and as she listened to the parents and staff.”

When meeting with members of the public, she suggested Camilla has a “traditional” approach which is favoured by royals such as Queen Elizabeth II.

However, it contrasts the techniques used by Kate Middleton, Prince William and Princess Diana, Judi claimed.

She added: “This, plus a kindly smile, is combined with a more hands-off approach than the younger royals now tend to use and which was famously championed by Diana.


“Where William and Kate might diminish their height by kneeling or crouching to get to eye level, Camilla and Charles (and the Queen) have always tended to stand or lean rather than crouch.

“This is a more traditional royal technique that might have also been revived during the social distancing of the pandemic.”

She may have been a royal for many years now but Camilla may look to her husband for tips on how to carry out engagements, Judi continued.

“Camilla uses another trait here that she appears to have copied from her husband,” the expert said.

“When she approaches people she adopts her own signature finger-steeple ritual that is often a trained technique and which is favoured by the likes of Angela Merkle.

“But as Camilla stands in front of the hosts she, like Charles, drops her arms to her sides as though standing politely to attention.”

Clarence House shared pictures from the Helen and Douglas House on social media.

The caption read: “Today The Duchess of Cornwall met children and their families during a visit to @helenanddouglashouse, a children’s hospice in Oxford.

“HRH heard about how the hospice was able to support families remotely during the pandemic, offering help via video call on issues such as medication.

“Since 1982, the hospice has been caring for seriously ill children and their families from Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties, providing medical, emotional and practical support.

“The Duchess is Patron of Helen & Douglas House and told families and staff: ‘I just wanted to thank all of you – all the staff and all the volunteers and all the parents and families, because I know how hard it is for them but somehow this place has a way of uplifting you.

“‘It’s a really special place.'”

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