Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: Body language with Prince Charles shows ‘support’

Prince Charles and Camilla regularly carry out royal engagements with each other. According to a body language expert, future consort Camilla makes her husband’s life “more bearable”.

Being working members of the Royal Family, the couple often attend events and engagements.

The Duchess is also patron to more than 100 organisations, meaning she is kept very busy in her role.

As well as joint visits, Charles and Camilla will often visit organisations on their own.

However, when they are together, one expert has shared how the Duchess shows her husband “signs of support and flattery”.

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When the couple are seen in public, Judi explained that it is very much Charles’s show that he is the star of.

She added: “As a result of this one-sided balancing act Charles appears able to dress a little more flamboyantly; show a little more emotion; entertain more and to present a more confident image than he seemed to in the years when Camilla was not openly at his side.

“What the couple have are body language signals of togetherness that are now unique in the royal firm. 

“William and Kate are like peas in a pod in terms of their power, status and performance signals and Sophie and Edward seem to have settled into a balance where Sophie tends to take the lead. 

“The set-up might sound unfair and even old-fashioned in this era of sexual equality but all Camilla and Charles’s body language cues together suggest it suits them both perfectly.”

However, according to the expert, Camilla “always has an air of quiet caution in public”.

This often “suggests high levels of anxiety”, although the Duchess “looks perfectly happy to have her husband take centre stage”.

Charles and Camilla will often keep apart when they are together, rarely showing any signs of intimacy.

Judi explained: “Any more intimate signals tend to be reserved for the kind of official photos they have taken for birthdays and anniversaries and in these we do get a glimpse of a much more openly fond relationship as Camilla relaxes and switches out of her more formal royal role.”

Prince Charles is also sometimes seen out and about with his siblings, including Princess Anne.

What is their relationship like?

Judi explained that “unlike Charles’s puckered brows, hers [Princess Anne] are often pulled into a frown but with one brow slightly raised to suggest good spirits or good humour.”

She added: “His body language suggested he found life as complex and difficult as Anne found it easy.”

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