Captain Marvel Is Going To Atlantis To Stop Namor’s Son

Captain Marvel is hunting Namor’s son Ove in an effort to prevent a dystopian future from happening in her current Marvel Comics series.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel #30 by Marvel Comics below.

Captain Marvel is heading underseas to stop Namor the Sub-Mariner’s son from turning the Marvel Universe into his own image. Carol Danvers is desperate to stop Ove after he transported himself to the present day in the Marvel Universe. Knowing the damage the magic-user can do, Captain Marvel is taking a trip to Namor’s home terrain in an effort to stop Ove before he can cause any damage to the current timeline.

In the “Strange Magic” storyline in the current Captain Marvel ongoing series, Carol Danvers has attempted to learn magic in order to stop Ove, who went back in time to Marvel’s present day. Ove was last seen ruling a dystopian future where most of Marvel’s heroes were killed. Captain Marvel can’t shake the nightmares she’s having of Ove killing everyone she’s ever loved in her own reality and turned to Doctor Strange (and just about every magic-user) to help her train against her one weakness. After a brief fling with Stephen Strange, she ends up at the door of Ove’s mother, the Enchantress, and asks to strike a deal.

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In a new preview on CBR for Captain Marvel #30 by Kelly Thompson, Jacopo Camagni, and Espen Grundetjern, Carol travels with Enchantress under the sea. It’s unclear whether the Enchantress knows of her future son’s arrival, but it seems like she’s unaware as she’s assisting Carol in her quest to find him. Perhaps, he’s already arrived at Atlantis and/or introduced himself to Namor? Preview images show Captain Marvel traversing underwater and encountering a giant creature along the way.



Thompson told CBR that Ove will make a physical appearance in the comic. She teases that his plans are big – which is why Carol can’t leave him unchecked. The encounter is surely going to be memorable, as Captain Marvel has gone through great lengths to track down Namor’s son and try to counteract his magical abilities. Thomspon also revealed that Captain Marvel #30 will mostly take place underwater. For those hoping that Ove meets his parents, it appears there’s a good shot of that happening here.

Can Namor and Enchantress’ son Ove be stopped? Captain Marvel won’t rest until he’s brought down – whether that’s bringing him to justice for the dark future he created or ending his life before he can do something similar to her current timeline. Captain Marvel is going to need to overcome her fears of Ove and what he can do to stop Namor’s son for good. Captain Marvel #30 is in comic book stores on June 23, 2021.

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