Caroline Manzo’s Son Defends Her Choice In Family Legal Drama

The Real Housewives of New Jersey alums are still in an ongoing family feud. Now, Caroline Manzo’s son, Albie, is speaking out in her defense.

The family drama surrounding the Manzo family is ongoing as the tension between Caroline Manzo and Dina Cantin reaches an all-time high. The Real Housewives of New Jersey alums have been publicly feuding over a letter Caroline wrote to support her brother-in-law, Thomas “Tommy” Manzo, after he allegedly hired a hitman to attack Dina. Now, Caroline’s son is defending her honor as she deals with public scrutiny over all the drama surrounding the case.

Tommy is the ex-husband that Dina thinks is behind her 2015 home invasion attack. Dina recently spoke out against her sister’s actions after word got out of the letter Caroline wrote to help Tommy remain out of jail while on trial. He’s accused of hiring a hitman to attack his ex-wife, Dina, and her husband, David Cantin, at their home in exchange for a discounted wedding at the Manzo’s establishment The Brownstone. The scandal has created a huge rift in the family, with Dina moving to California to stay far away from her ex and his family.

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Caroline’s son, Albie Manzo recently took to his Dear Albie podcast to defend his mother against online critics. “This is why I respect my mother so much. She made a choice that she knew going in was going to be extraordinarily unpopular — that could’ve been easily twisted into something that it isn’t — but she made it anyway because she felt it was the right thing to do,” he explained of his mom writing the letter in support of Tommy, despite knowing how her sister and fans would feel. “Put yourself in my mother’s shoes,” he added. “Knowing full well this is going to happen, do you know how much you got to believe in what you’re doing, knowing this is going to be the blowback?”

Caroline Manzo The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The show alum spoke of his mom’s courage and bravery to defend his uncle knowing the public scrutiny she would be under. “That’s why I admire my mother and the courage she had, doing what she did,” Albie stated. He went on to defend not only his mother, but also his uncle, who is being accused of a serious crime. “My mother wrote a letter based on the character of my uncle as we know him,” Albie explained. “The facts as we’ve seen them, as we know him in his life. It’s about one thing: Is he a threat to society? The answer is no. We believe the answer is no. “

Albie also claimed his mother didn’t betray her sister because they truly believe Tommy wasn’t behind the attack. “Whoever’s involved in this should go to jail, period,” he said. “You know who’s side we’re on? The truth. Let the process play out. Whatever it is, let it land, and you go from there.” His comments come after Dina blasted him on social media and accused him of using the situation to bring in downloads for his podcast. The Manzos might need a few family therapists to help heal this deep wound.

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Source: Dear Albie

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