Conan Exiles Gets Xbox Series X/S Upgrade After Game Pass Launch

Conan Exiles is now available on the Xbox Games Pass and now features a myriad of upgrades. These include higher textures, 4K resolution, and more.

Funcom posted a YouTube video today detailing how Conan Exiles will look now that it has been optimized for the Xbox Series X and Series S. While some owners of current generation consoles have expressed disappointment at how few “true” next-gen games have been released thus far, one of the most exciting trends of late is seeing how much better older games look on these consoles. Thanks to the massive technological improvements the new Sony and Microsoft consoles contain, games like 2018’s God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and the Mass Effect series can now be played in a consistent 60 frames per second and have received significant visual upgrades.

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The Xbox Game Pass has been a key service in bringing some of these older titles to the Xbox Series X and Series S. Over the past few months, Microsoft has been adding several popular games and teasing the addition of even more. One of the most noteworthy additions was Doom Eternal last December, which doubled as a promising sign of things to come after Microsoft officially acquired Bethesda. Although not much is currently known about whether franchises like Wolfenstein and Dishonored will now become Xbox exclusives, Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer promised that titles exclusive to Xbox and PC will be coming in the future.

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In Funcom’s YouTube video, the trailer shows side by side comparisons of how the 2018 game originally looked versus how it will appear on the latest Xbox consoles. The results are very impressive; the upgraded version of the game makes fantastic use of volumetric lighting and fog, and aspects such as water and foliage appear to have much more detail. Additionally, draw distances and shadow rendering distances have increased, texture resolutions are now in 4K, and post processing quality is significantly higher than before.

While this is not the first time players have seen a dramatic jump in quality across consoles, it still remains amazing how much more powerful current generation hardware is. Aside from how impressive the graphical upgrades are, there is also generally an improvement in terms of how the games perform. Not only is the frame rate higher overall, but by making use of these consoles’ solid-state drives, loading times are either considerably diminished or removed altogether. Additionally, the SSD allows games to render even larger portions of game worlds at a time, meaning that open world games like Horizon Forbidden West could potentially be completely seamless experiences. In Conan Exiles’ case, fans can probably expect load times to be minimal at worst.

Of course, regardless of how many games Microsoft puts on the Xbox Game Pass, these older titles will likely pale in comparison to the first big budget title exclusive for current generation consoles. While some had hoped that games like God of War: Ragnarok and Resident Evil Village would be among the first of those newer titles, their status as cross-generation games means that fans are still hard-pressed to find true current-gen exclusives. While they wait, however, Microsoft is ensuring that XSX and XSS owners have some fantastic titles to revisit in the meantime.

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Source: Funcom

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