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EastEnders actor Danny Dyer is set to appear in a short film about mental health directed by a 17-year-old, in an effort to raise money for charity.

Stepping Stone is written, produced and directed by Noah Caplan, who was inspired to start the project when his younger sister went through a life-threatening accident.

Work has now wrapped on the 30-minute film, which will focus on four characters from all walks of life who are going through different issues, such as anxiety, alcoholism and domestic abuse.

Danny Dyer in Stepping Stone. Pic: Chance 43 Productions
Danny Dyer in Stepping Stone. Pic: Chance 43 Productions

The film will seek to tell people that the first step towards getting help is speaking to someone else.

Caplan, David “Sideman” Whitely and Georgia Moncur will appear alongside Dyer, with Cush Berlyn playing a counsellor.

Stepping Stone has been described as aiming “to break the negative stigmas surrounding mental health and get the world talking about an issue that is so rife”.

It will support mental health charities, including Calm, and be released early next year.

Dyer said: “The power of this thing (the mind) is a mad old thing, so we’ve got look after it.”

Speaking about Caplan, he added: “I was very, very impressed. Barely 17 years old. The fact he’s got his s*** together the way he has and pulled this all together is pretty amazing. I really enjoyed myself. It was a pleasure.”

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Caplan said: “It was an absolute honour to work on this film with Danny Dyer and this fantastic team.

“This is a passion project that I have been working on since my sister was involved in and survived a tragic accident and I saw the effect this had on me and everyone around me.

“I am so grateful that this experience led me to give back to the world, through the power of film.”

He added: “Mental health is something very close to my heart and I hope this film can help other people.

“As a family, mental health has always been an open discussion, and I want to help bring that conversation into many other households and friendship groups.

“With this film we hope to put the subject matter in the limelight, using familiar faces and extravagant storytelling. My goal is to make mental health an open discussion.”

Stepping Stone is made by Chance 43 Productions.

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