DEAL OF THE DAY: This realistic alcohol-free gin is on sale now

The past year has seen many of us upping our alcohol intake, whether that be out of boredom or as a coping mechanism. This increase in alcohol consumption might be starting to take its toll on you both mentally and physically, which is why you’re ready to look into alternatives.

Many people across the UK are beginning to embrace a sober lifestyle, or have made the conscious decision to cut back on their alcohol consumption.

After a few too many nights of one drink rapidly turning into six, some are wondering if their drinking is getting out of hand.

When you want to form a new habit, such as cutting back your alcohol consumption, it’s far easier to stick to the habit if you replace it with something else rather than cutting it out entirely and leaving a gaping hole in its place.

As so many of our social lives revolve around meeting up for a drink, having a Clean G Gin Alternative on hand to reach for will make sticking to your goals a whole lot easier to do.

Being able to reach for a realistic looking and tasting alternative will also help you avoid fielding questions (and potential peer pressure) from nosy people, as they will be none the wiser that you’ve made the switch.

Regularly consuming alcohol might be leading to unintentional weight gain, and as both the Clean Co alternatives are low calorie and sugar-free, you can have a couple of glasses without the guilt.

Clean Co has two delicious gin alternatives that are on sale right now – the original and the rhubarb.

Both iterations of this tasty gin replacement are currently 15 percent off, saving you £3 on each.

Clean G Gin Alternative is a realistic tasting alternative to London Dry Gin, with crisp juniper and botanicals but without the alcohol.

The non-alcohol spirit has been distilled with Clean Co’s secret recipe so it has the delicious gin taste without the nasty effects of booze.

Clean G Rhubarb Gin Alternative is a sweeter version of their original gin alternative, with fruity aromas of rhubarb and berries added to the London Dry Gin, as well as a hint of coriander, mint and cinnamon.

If you want to pick up a Clean Co Clean Gin alternative while they’re still on sale, make sure to do so by June 16, as that’s when the sale ends.

You can buy both of them on the Clean Co website here.

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