Delivery scam warning: How to spot after Britons full victim to fraudsters

Scams via text message and email have been circulating more than ever in the last year, with fraudsters purporting to be from certain companies. Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Alice Beer warned Britons about certain scams that still continue to circulate.

Alice added: “They have a computer system which randomly sends out texts and it will fire, fire, fire texts.

“If you respond to it, they think bingo we’ve found a human and will target you very easily.”

With scams being so hard to spot, there are ways of protecting yourself online.

Alice explained: “You protect yourself by never never clicking on a link, whether it’s in an email, whether it’s on a text, you just don’t click on that link.

“If then you get a phone call from the bank offering to help you, you say ‘I’m really sorry but I’m actually going to call my bank customer services number from a separate line’.

“You don’t then pick up the phone and dial, you then look up the number, maybe wait a while and maybe call it from a different phone because they’re very clever, they can wait on the phone.”

Katherine Hart, from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute said: “This delivery scam is yet another example of fraudsters attempting to make money out of the unsuspecting public.

“Due to the lockdowns, many millions of people rely on product deliveries, so scammers have focused their efforts on this theme.

“Also, the public must be aware that these types of scams come in many forms, and scammers do not only use Royal Mail branding. Indeed, in January, I commented on a similar scam that used DPD branding.”

Hermes is another delivery company where customers have received a number of texts asking them to pay an outstanding postage fee.

When receiving an unexpected message, customers should always be cautious and look for signs that it may be fake.

This includes identifying any grammar or spelling errors as well as looking at the number it has been sent from.

Royal Mail has also previously said that it does not contact customers via text unless they have specifically opted in for this service.

Anything that looks suspicious should always be reported to Action Fraud.

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