Dreams Creators Notice Mysterious Arches Appearing In Game Worlds

Several creators in Media Molecules Dreams are beginning to notice mysterious arches appearing in their game worlds, hinting at something new.

Mysterious arches are appearing in the game worlds of creators in Media Molecules’s Dreams. Since the release of Dreams, creators have sculpted and produced innovative games that other players can try out and experience. Players can make anything from recreations of favorite games and movie scenes to original IPs within the platform. Creators have even been able to develop fully voiced animated short films using the in-game audio creation kit.  Media Molecule began spotlighting the best of these creations with the Impy Awards, the developer’s version of an award show.

The developer also has its version of E3 with DreamsCom. DreamsCom, short for Dreams Community Showcase, is a virtual convention that players can experience through Dreams, complete with expo booths on a show floor. Creators can have their projects showcased either through the DreamsCom livestream or on the virtual show floor with playable demos. DreamsCom 2021 will introduce the Impsider, which will give more extensive coverage, including Dreams developer interviews.

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On June 7, several creators, including Ian Henderson, Omalley, and Keld Bjones, took to Twitter to show mysterious new “pebble arches” appearing in their game worlds. Not all arches are made out of pebbles; some use other materials that still create the arch shape. Media Molecule retweeted a lot of these screenshots but has not directly commented on the structures. As of this writing, no other information about what could be happening is known, but this could be hinting at something new coming to the game.

With DreamsCom 2021 starting in July and an E3-level State of Play possibly on the horizon, Media Molecule could be getting ready to make an announcement. Dreams is still without a native PS5 version, although the system does boost the game’s performance. The title could also be coming to PC too. Sony’s current plans have several more PlayStation Exclusives like Uncharted 4 receiving PC ports in the near future. Furthermore, Media Molecule’s co-founder Mark Healey said in an interview with GamesIndustry that plans are already in place to grow outside of just PlayStation. Either decision could increase the possibilities for creators to make use of the creation tools, though this would depend on specifications for PCs.

Whatever Media Molecule has planned, it seems that Dreams is about to change. The new arches are still popping up in game worlds as more people find them, so some event is clearly in the works. Players will have to wait and see what the developers have planned next for the community.

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Dreams is available now on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Ian Henderson/Twitter, Omalley/Twitter, Keld Bjones/Twitter, GamesIndustry

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