Duchess of Cornwall: Camilla will become Queen ‘with reluctance’ and ‘loyalty to Charles’

However, in 2018, Clarence House removed all mention of the phrase ‘Princess Consort’ from their website, igniting rumours that Prince Charles will insist Camilla becomes Queen when he takes the throne. The rumours are primarily that it is Prince Charles who is really passionate about his wife becoming Queen, and never has Camilla actually expressed that wish for herself. Judi James, a body language expert, analysed Camilla’s behaviour during her time as the Duchess of Cornwall, and whether or not she desires to one day become Queen.

Judi said: “I believe Charles will insist his wife is the next Queen, but I also think she will take on the role with some reluctance.

“I can’t imagine Charles ever wanting to see her with a title lower than that of Queen as it would compromise his personal status and authority after he has fought so hard for so many years to firstly marry the woman he loved and then to get the relationship accepted by the royal Firm and the public.

“His parents wouldn’t even step down to stand beside them for a photo-call on their wedding day and it would be a matter of pride and honour for Charles to finally bestow the ultimate title on his wife at last after so many years in a semi-wilderness.

“For Camilla though, I believe the title will primarily be a sign of her loyalty to Charles rather than something she is keen to take on for herself.

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“Her history with the public got off to a very shaky start when we would see her diving around to avoid both the cameras and the attention of Diana’s millions of fans.

“That particular stone is being turned up again thanks to The Crown and the new movie of Diana’s life and this must haunt Camilla as old emotions get stirred up yet again.

“Camilla’s current body language is probably as comfortable as it has ever been since she stepped into the spotlight as Charles’s wife but she still fails to look either relaxed or confident in the public eye.

“She is probably at her best when she is accompanying Charles, when her role tends to be of support and companionship for him primarily.


“She rarely if ever uses body language or physical positioning to look more than a ‘Plus one’ to his star turn.”

When Camilla has been pictured next to the Duchess of Cambridge, it paints an interesting picture of two future queens.

Judi continued: “The contrast between the two future Queens is obvious when they attend more formal royal events together.

“Kate sits upright here, wearing a confident, sociable smile while Camilla’s face is part hidden by her hat brim.

“She often looks more awkward at these events and happiest when she is chatting one-to-one with other royals.”

As a royal carrying out public engagements, Camilla has had to overcome any fears she might have had being compared to Princess Diana.

Judi added: “Camilla lacks the signals of enthusiasm to get involved in terms of having more relaxed fun with the public and children in particular.

“Here she reads to a small group but she sits looking trapped in the corner of the room, peering over the top of her glasses in a way that they might see as daunting rather than getting to their level and entertaining them with a more spirited-looking reading.”

At an engagement in London called ‘A Starry Night in the Nilgiri Hills’ earlier this summer, Camilla was pictured frowning in a candid photo.

Judi added: “Caught by the camera in a more spontaneous moment, Camilla’s facial expression suggests a lack of enthusiasm for being singled out here.

“Unlike Kate, Diana and Sophie, Camilla rarely directs a confident, tie-sign look or glance at the cameras and this tends to suggest she has no real desire to communicate directly by herself or to self-promote.

“This rare pose shows a part frown and, as she sits back in her seat, she clutches her bag to her torso in a barrier gesture.”

In pictures of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall together, Judi claims Camilla begins to relax and appear more comfortable.

She said: “Camilla looks at her most relaxed when she is appearing alongside her husband but as a ‘plus-one’.

“She seems to be happy to divert attention to Charles and here she holds her book clutched to her torso in another barrier gesture.”

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