Ed Sheeran: ‘I’m still convinced Benny Blanco peed in my jacuzzi’ – Music News

Ed Sheeran remains convinced his friend Benny Blanco cost him a small fortune by peeing in his jacuzzi, even though his producer pal insists it wasn’t him.

Blanco offered up a few video questions for Ed’s appearance on web series Hot Ones and felt he had to clear the air about incident, urging the Brit to believe him when he said he wasn’t the rogue urinator.

The producer revealed he and Ryan Tedder joined Sheeran for a soak at his home after a festival and weeks later he heard that Ed was blaming him for a costly hot tub fix.

Blanco said, “I do p**s in pools but I don’t p**s in jacuzzis. I would never p**s in a body of water that small. Ed, I need to know, do you believe me or not?”

Sheeran responded, “He’s been going on about this for a while. It might be Tedder, but the thing is Benny said to me as he arrived at my house, ‘I’m gonna pee in your pool’… I never let him in my pool.

“A couple of weeks later I go to use it (jacuzzi) and it f**king stinks and I get someone to check it out and they said it had so much urine in it that it had overflown the system that, like, cleans the urine. It is either Benny or Tedder, but only one person told me that they would pee in my pool – and it was this c**t. We were in there for hours, soaking in someone’s urine.”

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