Elder Scrolls Destruction Spellbook Crafted In Real Life

An Elder Scrolls fan has crafted an interesting real-life Destruction spellbook, following the design of the book from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

An Elder Scrolls fan has brought a tiny bit of the series to life by crafting a replica of a Destruction spellbook. In Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim, books with this symbol can be used to increase the player’s Destruction skill. Destruction is one of the basic schools of magic in the franchise and gives players access to a number of offensive spells, many of which fall under either the fire, frost, or shock element. It also provides the primary way for spellcasters to deal damage in combat.

Interestingly, the different spellbooks used to increase skill levels in The Elder Scrolls series are creatively titled as actual books, complete with brief in-lore writing within. Destruction spellbooks and other types of spellbooks also appear in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as tomes that house a single spell; Players can read the books to learn the stored spell. This is the primary way to learn new spells in both games. In previous titles, such as the fan-favorite Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, players mostly obtained new spells by buying them from NPCs.

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Reddit user Amycotic_mark shared several photos of their real life Destruction spellbook on the Elder Scrolls subreddit. According to them, they made the book several years ago, and while they didn’t give an exact date for when they crafted the piece, the specific design of the book is from 2011’s Skyrim, which narrows down the date slightly. Interestingly, one of the photos that Amycotic_mark shared shows the book opened to reveal that it is in fact a secret compartment book, with a large cutout where the user can store and hide items that can fit within it.

In a reply to one of the comments on their post, Amycotic_mark explained that it took them five hours to make the spellbook using a combination of painting canvases, foam boards, tea-stained paper, and hot glue. It also looks like they also used some wire and fabric to create the cover and borders of the book as well as the Destruction magic symbol on the front. The symbols for each of the schools of magic in The Elder Scrolls universe have changed in different ways or degrees with each major title. For example, the symbol for Destruction magic featured in the book by Amycotic_mark was first introduced in Skyrim and was largely different in Oblivion.

At any rate, the real life Destruction spellbook by Amycotic_mark is definitely an impressive creation, and turning it into a secret compartment book makes it all the more interesting. Despite being such a long-running franchise, the popularity of the Elder Scrolls series is still strong, especially considering the recent release of the Blackwood content update for The Elder Scrolls Online and the anticipation for The Elder Scrolls VI.

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Source: Amycotic_mark/Reddit

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