Every Week 5 Challenge in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

The Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer week 5 challenges are available to complete.

The Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer challenges have been taking Guardians through a number of activities, particularly highlighting activities to complete in Override. Each week’s challenges typically involve completing the next step in the story, Path of the Splicer, as well as defeating powerful bosses.

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During week four, the challenges available for Season of the Splicer increased in difficulty. In addition to the expected set of challenges, players had to complete a Lost Sector on Legend or higher, complete three Nightfall strikes on Hero or higher, and defeat 50 Guardians in Momentum Control. Week five challenges continue to raise the difficulty of obstacles and opponents, and, as expected, some challenges will be familiar to those who have played in seasons of the past. Here are all the Week 5 challenges in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer.

All Week 5 Challenges in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

destiny 2 season of the splicer

There are only eight challenges to complete during Week 5 of Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer, instead of the 10 that have been released each week prior. Each challenge, and their requirements, appears below:

Changing Views

Guardians will need to complete Path of the Splicer V, and defeat powerful Hive. Rewards include x2 Extra Large XP, Ignition Code, and 150 Decrypted Data.

Expedited Expunge: Tartarus

This is where challenges earn their name, as players must Complete Expunge: Tartarus in six minutes or less. Rewards include x2 Extra Large XP and 150 Decrypted Data.

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Raid Atheon

Crack and Decrypt II

Fairly simple, Guardian must unlock Conflux Chests by completing Override missions. Additionally, they must decrypt Season of the Splicer Engrams at the Prismatic Recaster using Decrypted Data. Each part needs to be done 30 times. The reward is x2 Extra Large XP.

Grenade Launcher Splicer

In Override or Expunge, Guardians must defeat combatants with Grenade Launchers. Bonus progress is earned by rapidly defeating targets. The total is based on a percentage, instead of a strict number. The reward is x2 Extra Large XP.

Apex Armorer

Masterwork a piece of armor. Rewards include x2 Extra Large XP and 75 Bright Dust.

Destiny 2 Season of the Slicer Season Pass Feature

Serenity of the Void

Acquire the season ritual weapon. It’s a Masterworked Fusion Rifle called Null Composure. Speak to Banshee-44 to start the quest, as well as Lord Shaxx, Zavala, and The Drifter to begin quests for the weapon’s ornaments. Acquiring the weapon rewards players with x8 XP and 300 Bright Dust.

Beyond Legendary

Earn 16 Valor ranks. Unlike the previous season, subdivision ranks count towards earning Valor ranks. Completing this challenge rewards players with x8 Extra Large XP and 300 Bright Dust.

The Undying

Complete any Nightfall Strike on Legend or higher without dying. This challenge will be one of the more difficult ones to complete throughout the season because there is no matchmaking, equipment is locked, there will be two types of Champions, “Match Game” will be in effect, and finally there two additional modifiers. The rewards are well worth the struggle, however, because players will earn x8 Extra Large XP and Bright Dust.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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