Everything To Know About Holly Scarfone

Holly Scarfone is one of the many singles joining Too Hot To Handle season 3. She is a Canadian psychology student and also works as a model.

Holly Scarfone is one of the many new cast members joining Too Hot To Handle season 3. Holly will be on the Netflix reality series alongside four other girls and five men. Similar to past seasons, Holly and the rest of the cast will be challenged to resist all temptations related to getting intimate with one another in order to receive the $100,000 prize at the end.

Too Hot To Handle season 1 featured 10 contestants who were able to make it through the season with very little temptation. In fact, Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey left the show as a couple despite breaking several rules all season long. Then, season 2 of the series went a little bit differently. Marvin Anthony was the only person to take home the grand prize after showing his costars that he had the most personal growth on the show. Now that season 3 is among coming to Netflix, Holly has a chance to win the grand prize at the end.


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According to her bio on E! News, Holly is a Canadian psychology student who is currently living in the USA while she studies at the University of Colorado. Overall, the 23-year-old follows the “work hard, play hard” mentality and believes that this will come in handy while looking for fun (or love) at the island of Turks and Caicos. In turn, Holly also works as a model, which can be seen on her Instagram page. When Holly isn’t working hard in school or modeling, she’s looking for a new guy to spend time with. The new reality TV star considers herself super confident and sexual. Unfortunately, she finds relationships to be boring. It’s safe to say that Holly isn’t looking to settle down any time soon.

Along with Holly entering the Turks and Caicos villa, so will nine other lucky singles. The rest of the cast includes Izzy, 22, Nathan, 24, Harry, 29, Georgia, 26, Stevan, 26, Beaux, 24, Truth, 23, Jaz, 25, and Patrick, 29. However, this cast will include a lot more singles as the season goes on. Similar to Too Hot To Handle seasons 1 and 2, the show typically adds a few more singles in the house to elevate the temptations amongst the cast members. Since Holly is a “super s*xual” person, this step-up may literally be too hot for her to handle. With $100,000 on the line, Holly may reconsider her fondness for having a different boyfriend in every country. After all, it is harder to say “no” to a large amount of cash than one night with a man you might never see again.

Too Hot To Handle season 3 will begin streaming on Netflix on January 19, where viewers will officially get to meet Holly. However, only time will tell if the reality star will give in to temptation and risk the grand prize. Otherwise, she might keep her hands to herself. In any case, fans will have to wait to watch the Too Hot To Handle season 3 premiere next week.

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