Fans Lash Out At Amy Frishmuth After Homophobic IG Post

Fans were furious when Amy Frishmuth posted a shockingly homophobic message on IG. What hateful words did the season 2 star share during Pride Month?

Many fans think of Danny and Amy Frishmuth as one of the most adorable couples from 90 Day Fiancé, but a recent homophobic Instagram post may have turned fans against the season 2 couple. Although June is a month for celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, Amy decided to rain on the Pride parade with a message of intolerance. Several fans were disappointed in what she had to say and are calling for the fandom to turn their backs on the once-popular couple.

In season 2, the young and very religious couple overcame many obstacles on their way down the altar. Danny was 23 and Amy was 21 when she arrived in the United States, and she had to contend with a narrow-minded father in law who didn’t approve of mixed-race relationships. The couple also had to live separately and went to great lengths to avoid temptation. But they got married at the end of the season and have been together ever since—even welcoming their third child in January.

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People of all sexual orientations around the world are celebrating Pride Month, but Amy is not among them. She shared a message from a religious organization talking about “the indoctrination of perversion, desensitizing and sexualizing our children” and society “pushing the normalization of homosexuality.” The intolerant and wildly off-base message urges “God’s sons and daughters” to “stand firm to biblical sexuality…rather than conforming to the world and bowing to culture.” The message makes ridiculously-unfounded claims, and fans aren’t happy with the season 2 star.

What a piece of s***,” one commenter said on Reddit, as fans discussed Amy’s social media content. They brought up how religious Amy and Danny are, and that the church they belong to is homophobic as well. Some fans took issue with the term “biblical sexuality,” because the bible still condones things like incest and slavery, and they accused Amy of “cherry-picking the verses that suit (her) brand of bigotry.” The once-popular couple now has fans riled up, and one commented, “I don’t want to hear a positive word about this homophobe on this sub again.”

The message Amy posted is a ridiculous piece of intolerant drivel, taking shots at things like sex education and using the same tired rhetoric equating homosexuality to pedophilia that has been used to exclude and hurt gay people for centuries. Her social media content demonstrates a narrow-minded and bigoted viewpoint towards not just homosexuality, but sex in general. It’s no surprise that fans responded so strongly to the message, given its hateful content and the fact that it was shared during Pride Month.

Amy and Danny used to be a 90 Day Fiancé fan favorite couple, and even though viewers knew how religious they are, many didn’t realize just how intolerant they were. There have been many unpopular couples on the show that fans have forgotten about, and there are several who are calling for Amy and Danny to be added to that list. It’s unfortunate to see bigotry like this spouted during a month dedicated to celebrating love, and Amy could find herself losing fans and followers in droves. 

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Source: Amy Frishmuth/Instagram, Reddit

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