Feeling hungry? This weekend’s Full Moon will affect your APPETITE

Another study found that during the Full Moon, participants got 25 minutes less sleep on average.

The brightness of the Full Moon is probably to blame for this since our internal 24-hour clocks use light to gauge what time it is and our bodies produce melatonin at the right time for sleep.

More light can confuse our bodies, disrupting the production of melatonin and causing sleeplessness.

The extra melatonin release will impact your appetite as well as your sleeping pattern, says the team at Alliance Online.

They said: “Some research has found that melatonin production reduces hunger, which makes sense as you don’t want to be thinking about snacking when you’re trying to sleep.

“So, our sleeping and eating times might vary the night of the Full Moon, and we might feel hungrier than expected near to bedtime.”

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