Fortnite: Where to Find Gas Cans in Chapter 3

In Fortnite Chapter 3, players need to find and detonate Gas Cans to complete a weekly challenge to damage a player or another player’s structure.

In Fortnite, players will need to find Gas Cans to complete the weekly challenges for week 4 in Chapter 3 to damage a player or destroy a player-built structure by blowing it up with Gas Cans. While Gas Cans are primarily used for refueling vehicles, they can also be detonated to cause an explosion. Gas Cans can be found anywhere on the Chapter 3 island with guaranteed spawns, but players will need to know where to look.

Gas Cans can reliably be found in Gas Stations in Fortnite. Players will often find several in the station’s maintenance shed with tires and tools and occasionally a vehicle or upgrade bench. Visually, players will be searching for a small red can with a nozzle that can up picked up and added to their inventory. Of note, the large blue drums often found around Gas Stations are not Gas Cans. Additionally, Gas Cans are often found in sheds and outhouses. Players can also find nine Gas Cans at the Behemoth Bridge, which is to the North of Loot Lake and Southwest of Shifty Shafts.


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Once players have acquired a Gas Can, they will need to detonate it to damage an opponent or destroy another player’s structure to complete the weekly challenge. To detonate a Gas Can, players can shoot it or hit them with their Pickaxe in Fortnite. Alternatively, players can explode the Gas Can by placing it near a lit campfire. Of note, players should put distance between themselves and the Gas Can, or they may also blow themselves up. It may be a good idea to collect several Gas Cans before attempting to complete the challenge requirements, as it can be easy to miss the target when detonating.

How To Detonate Gas Cans in Fortnite

A player throws explosive weapons in Fortnite

To complete the weekly challenge, players can toss a Gas Can at enemy players and shoot it while it is in the air, and the Gas Can will explode as long as the shot lands before the Can reaches the ground. If they got the timing right, this should damage the opponent in Fortnite. Alternatively, players will need to carefully place the Gas Can near an unsuspecting opponent with perfect timing to blow it up and cause them damage. This will complete the weekly quest for damaging an opponent. For truly daring players, they can ride on the thrown Gas Can as well.

To complete the weekly challenge, it is likely much easier to place the Gas Can near a structure that another player created and detonate the Gas Can to blow it up and complete the challenge by destroying another player’s structure. The easiest way to do this is to find an abandoned structure to set fire to in Fortnite as no other player is likely to be nearby. Of note, players will not be able to create their own structure and then destroy it with a Gas Can to complete the challenge.

Once players complete the fourth weekly challenge to damage an opponent or an opponent’s structure with a Gas Can, they will be rewarded with 25,000 XP towards finishing the Battle Pass. In addition, the Battle Pass grants players access to exclusive rewards for each in-game season or chapter.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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