FPS Game Nine To Five Free To Play During Steam Next Fest

Nine To Five will be free to play during Steam’s Next Fest on June 16 through to June 22, with hundreds of demos being available alongside the game.

Redhill Games is releasing its FPS game Nine To Five for free during Steam Next Fest next week. It’s E3 season, which means that the internet will be abuzz with gaming news and announcements. Previously known as Steam Game Festival, Steam Next Fest will have hundreds of demos to help smaller developers get their games into players hands.

Nine to Five is a tactical first-person shooter from Redhill Games, where teams compete against one another in rounds, competing for three rounds head-to-head in an ever-adapting gameplay experience as the objective changes each round. The game is a competitive FPS, with the game mixing up the usual team-based shooter genre by having three teams competing at once. The game is set in a future where corporations are in charge and mercenaries are a normal part of the job market.

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Redhill will be making Nine To Five free to play for Steam users from June 16 to June 22. This is all a part of the Steam Next Fest, a week-long celebration of games that are yet to be released. The multi-day festival includes hundreds of free demos for players to try out for upcoming titles, along with developer live streams and chat with devs about their games. Nine to Five is just one of the many games being featured at the Steam Next Fest this year, with Redhill announcing in a press release that it will be teaming up with the gaming platform for PC to run the game for free for a limited time. This will allow players to test out the 3v3v3 type shooter for themselves before the game is officially released.

Nine to Five has been developed in part by an online community of fans continuing to test the different phases of the game and supplying feedback. This has been helpful for Redhill, which only started development in late 2018 with a focus on developing free-to-play games and live-service experiences for players. 

This year’s Steam Next Fest will be a great chance to try out a whole bunch of games before they go up for sale on the platform. Some of these titles may even be shown in E3 or other presentations. FPS fans should make a note to give Nine to Five a chance during this week of celebrations and provide important feedback for the developers.

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