G7 family photo body language suggests ‘closer bond’ between Boris Johnson and Biden

She continued: “All these signals of strong, pre-formed rapport between the PM and the President are being carefully monitored by Macron, resulting in one of the most blatant rituals of ‘claimed ownership’ ever seen on a world stage.

“As the leaders walk off, Boris makes the fundamental error of walking ahead, leaving his new best friend Biden to walk alone further back in the group.”

“Macron seizes this opportunity to stake his claim, falling back to level with the President.

“As he did with Boris, Biden plants a ‘Power Pat’ hand on Macron’s back but, instead of accepting the parental-looking put-down, Macron throws his own arm around the President’s back, leaving the two men walking off entwined together for a very long stretch of stage, making it look as though it’s Macron who is ‘the chosen one’ when it comes to friendship signals with Biden.”

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