Grace Kelly: What the Princess of Monaco’s fairytale wedding was like

Born in America, Grace Kelly shot to fame in the first half of the 1950s as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Although she only acted for six years, she was nominated for two Academy Awards, winning Best Actress in 1955 for The Country Girl.

Born into a life of privilege and wealth, the trio have endured heartache and scandal since their mother’s death.

But before having children, Grace and Rainier enjoyed some time together as an intimate couple.

What was their wedding like?

Grace and Rainier had two wedding ceremonies, tying the knot at a civil marriage ceremony at the Palace of Monaco first, before heading to St. Nicholas Cathedral for the religious ceremony.


The dress

One of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time, Grace’s white gown for her religious ceremony featured a high neckline, a lace bodice with long sleeves, multiple petticoats, and hundreds of tiny pearls.

Now instantly recognisable around the world, the dress was given to Grace as a gift from film company MGM, symbolising the end of her acting career.

It was designed by costume designer Helen Rose and required 30 seamstresses to make, taking six weeks.

Its beautiful design has inspired the wedding dresses of multiple famous women, from actress Miranda Kerr to the Duchess of Cambridge.

The bouquet

Grace carried a prayer book embellished with silk, lace, and pearls.

Accompanying it was a small bunch of Lilies of the Valley, which she also held onto as she walked down the aisle.

The guest list

As a world-renowned former actress, Grace Kelly’s wedding was full of Hollywood A-listers.

These included Cary Grant, Ava Gardner, and Gloria Swanson.

In total, the royal couple had around 600 guests.

The food

Grace and Rainier’s wedding was the epitome of high class.

The banquet consisted of caviar, lobster, champagne, and a 200 pound, six-tier wedding cake.

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