Grey’s Anatomy: Most Inspirational Characters, Ranked

Throughout Grey’s Anatomy, fans have gotten to know all the characters well, and some have even been an inspiration for many. From Cristina and her talented surgical acts, to Jo facing and conquering personal issues, to Jackson and his relatable experiences, many viewers are able to connect and learn from the list of characters and see how far they have come.

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While these are fictional characters, the show surrounds real issues, and fans cannot help but be inspired by the amazing men and women in the show.

10 Jackson Avery

A big fan favorite, Jackson has been around the show for a while now, which means there are plenty of rooms for mistakes. Still, Jackson proves himself to be a loving person. One of the ways he shows this love is with his wife, April.

Jackson also came from a line of successful surgeons in his family, but he did not use that information to make himself look good but instead remained independent, which made fans appreciate how humble he was.

9 Alex Karev

Alex came onto the show arrogant and self-centered, but the evolution of his character made him a likeable person. He came in as an intern and tried to show off, but being around others and becoming friends with them put him in his place.

Many relationships formed, and he even married Lizzie. He became the Head of Peds and pushed away his immaturity to become one of the best Peds on the show.

8 Owen Hunt

Owen Hunt is known for the good and the bad, but fans enjoy a flawed character as it makes them more real. He is a selfless leader who is good at his job but doesn’t flaunt it, and he is a helpful teacher.

He is a wonderful father, and even though he can be temperamental and irresponsible, fans still can see the good in him. He was also in the army, which plays a role as he saves and loses lives. He is a inspiration for many viewers.

7 Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson joined on season 9. While Jo was a light on the show, she had a traumatic past with an abusive husband, and was in a bad place.

However, fans were pleased when Jo sought out a psychiatrist and looked after her mental health. Fans were happy that the topic of mental health, especially from one of the doctors, was covered by the show.

6 Derek Shepherd

Derek Shephard inside Grey Sloan's lab

Another familiar face in the show, Derek was an overall great neurosurgeon who had too big of an ego and was a bit self-centered. However, despite his flaws, Derek was a caring person who felt deeply for his patients. When he made an error while operating on a patient who was pregnant, and eventually died, he suffered greatly from it but returned to practice to continue to help others.

Fans could feel and connect with his big heart, and Derek went on to save many more lives and continue to be an inspiration, even for the other characters.

5 Richard Webber

Richard tried his hardest to hold onto the role of Chief of Surgery, but he was not able to keep it as he faced struggles in his life. However, the team still calls him the Chief.

He is known for guiding his team without wanting the credit, and he truly cares about his job and brings the brains to the team. Fans admired the role Dr. Webber brought to the show, and how his hardships are not pushed aside but faced head on.

4 Dr. Miranda Bailey

Miranda Bailey has been on the show for a long time, and while there have been ups and downs, she remains a strong and smart character whom fans admire. Another thing fans appreciate is her struggles, especially exploring the troubles of keeping her work and personal life separate.

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Viewers get to take the journey with Miranda to navigate her way through her issues, but no matter the case, she always brings humor and kindness wherever she goes, which brings a lightheartedness to the show.

3 Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) in "Grey's Anatomy."

Cristina is a popular face in the show and has made a lasting impact. Some think Cristina is emotionless and cold-hearted, but she is also one of the most heroic. After the plane crash, Cristina saved many people and remained calm doing so.

However, the PTSD afterward revealed her humanity. She also remained calm and orderly during a hospital shooting. No doubt there is trauma in her life, but she remains a rock for her co-workers and friends, making her an inspirational woman on the show.

2 Amelia Shepherd

Amelia has been through a lot, and her strength and vulnerability inspire fans. While she is a spunky and humorous person, she uses those traits as a shield. Amelia has faced down many hardships, such as a brain tumor diagnosis.

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Also, in arguably one of the saddest scenes on the show, her son passed away. Amelia is a warrior, and fans are left in awe by her will to keep going and her way of carrying a smile.

1 Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy

As the main character of the show, Meredith is a huge inspiration to the viewers. Meredith had lost many family members over the years, and experienced a lot of trauma, making her more pessimistic towards situations.

However, she approaches situations with logic, an important aspect when surrounded by people making choices solely on emotion. Meredith has had one of the biggest impacts on the show, and is still on for the 18th season.

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