How iOS 15’s Separation Alerts Help Avoid Losing AirTags & Accessories

Apple’s Find My network can already find a lost AirTag or accessory, but iOS 15’s Separation Alerts might help to avoid losing items to begin with.

Apple is introducing a new Separation Alerts feature to help avoid losing an AirTag and other devices that are connected to the user’s Find My account. As part of the wave of iOS 15 features that are coming, it looks like Apple is attempting to make sure users don’t need to worry about finding lost items by making sure they don’t forget them to begin with.

Apple launched the AirTag in 2021 and it immediately garnered plenty of attention and interest. The small item tracker can be connected to most things, including pets, and comes with a unique tracking advantage over competing options, thanks to the included ultra-wideband support. This additional tracking method can help to make sure that items are found with greater accuracy when outside of the range of nearby communication solutions like Bluetooth.

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Instead of actually losing an AirTag and then having to find a lost item after the fact, Apple’s new Separation Alerts appear designed to ensure the user is aware they are imminently about to lose the item. Once available, iPhone users will receive a message on their phone telling them that they have been separated from the AirTag or device, allowing them to quickly retrieve it again before it is too late. As to be expected, they will be able to use the usual tracking methods to quickly find the item before leaving the vicinity.

Another Useful AirTag Feature

Apple iPhone iOS 14.6 AirTag Find My Update

Ever since the AirTag arrived, buyers have found interesting ways to use the item tracker. So much so that the small devices have even raised concerns over how easy they can be used as a way to track other people, including family and friends. While Apple has already rolled out updates to reduce their use in this way, Separation Alerts look like they could be a highly useful option to avoid losing an item. For example, informing an iPhone user that they’ve forgotten their keys when leaving a friend’s home or restaurant. Furthermore, this is not an option that all AirTag owners will have to use if they don’t want to, as Separation Alerts do need to be enabled through the connected iPhone’s settings menu.

The ability to opt out will be a way to ensure the user doesn’t receive notifications unnecessarily, such as when at home but still outside of the proximity of the Separation Alert’s radius. In addition, as Separation Alert are not just for AirTag, but most of Apple’s accessories, and even third-party devices compatible with the Find My network, it should help to ensure iPhone users avoid losing even more of their personal belongings in the future.

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