How Loki’s TVA & Doctor Strange Handle The Concept Of Time Differently

Loki writer Michael Waldron breaks down the difference between the TVA and Doctor Strange with the Masters of Mystic Arts when dealing with time.

There’s a difference between how the TVA and Doctor Strange handle the concept of time, Loki’s writer reveals. Despite having only joined the MCU, Michael Waldron may be the new creative force behind Phase 4 as he not only created the ongoing Marvel Studios series but also wrote Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Given his experience handling both endeavors, he breaks down how the characters in the said projects approach time in terms of their storytelling.

Following a brief hiatus on the heels of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s end, MCU Phase 4 is continuing with Loki, which already released its premiere episode titled “Glorious Purpose.” Much of the show’s first outing is establishing what can be expected from the God of Mischief’s new adventures separate from his brother, Thor, and the Sacred Timeline. A major part of that includes the introduction of the Time Variance Authority — an organization that works to maintain the proper flow of time to prevent a repeat of the multiversal wars. While the Masters of the Mystic Arts have a broader mission statement as they’re tasked to protect Earth from interdimensional and other mystic threats, they’re also known to handle time with the Eye of Agamotto originally in their possession.

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Given this, it’s curious if there’s any difference to how Loki‘s TVA and Doctor Strange with his group tackle the concept, especially at this juncture in the MCU where it’s becoming a central theme. Waldron is coy whether or not the Masters of the Mystic Arts are aware of the newly introduced organization, but he tells The Direct that since they are sorcerers, their understanding and treatment of time is magic-based. Meanwhile, TVA’s approach is more rooted in science.

We don’t really know. It would be interesting if they did. I think what we see with the TVA is, whereas the folks at Kamar-Taj are dealing things in a magical way, the TVA is paperwork. It’s bureaucracy. It appears to be a little more science-based.

When the sorcerers were properly introduced in 2016’s Doctor Strange, it opened an entirely new pocket for the MCU, which had either been Earth or cosmic-based at that point. The Eye of Agamotto allowed its wielder to manipulate time, but it’s deemed malpractice, hence, why Mordo became disillusioned with the Masters of the Mystic Arts’ principles when both the Ancient One and Doctor Strange decidedly utilize this capability. However, the TVA doesn’t really have any problem resetting timelines as they believe that they’re the superior organization that predetermines the past, present, and future of the universe. With this somehow contradicting take on the idea of time manipulation, it’s interesting what will happen if Doctor Strange comes in contact with the TVA — if he doesn’t know about their existence yet.

Aside from Waldron being involved in Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is an indication that the Marvel Studios show is setting up few plot points that will factor in the Sam Raimi film, the projects have also been confirmed to be narratively connected. It’s uncertain to what extent their link would be and chances are, it will be a while before any light is shed in terms of that subject. In the meantime, the God of Mischief will be focused on helping the TVA catch a darker, more evil variant of himself.

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Source: The Direct

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