How Long Yuffie’s DLC Is

Final Fantasy 7 Remake INTERmission adds a brand new DLC story starring Yuffie Kisaragi, but how long does the new episode actually last?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade brings a hefty PS5 upgrade to the game, bumping up the frame rate, adding a photo mode, and most importantly fixing ugly door textures. Of course, the biggest addition to the PS5 version is the brand new DLC featuring the ninja, Yuffie Kisaragi. Final Fantasy 7 Remake INTERmission comes bundled with Intergrade, but if players are upgrading from the PS4 version, the DLC will need to be bought separately and is only available on PS5.

Yuffie’s DLC picks up near the beginning of the main story, just after Cloud and the party have blown up the Sector 5 reactor. Although Yuffie is the only playable character in the DLC there are a host of characters introduced, like the new party member and Wutai agent Sonon Kusakabe. The biggest lingering question about Episode INTERmission is just how much content it adds to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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Players shouldn’t go in expecting near the amount of content as the base game, but Episode INTERmission does add a good amount of content, especially for completionists. The DLC consists of two chapters, and in the base game of FF7 Remake, each chapter usually took around two hours to complete. Early reports from players put Yuffie’s DLC at three to four hours to complete, without engaging in any of the side content, mini-games, and more. Doing the side content can easily double that playtime, or add even more depending on the player’s pace.

FF7 Remake Episode INTERmission Adds Quite a Bit of Content

FF7 Why Yuffie Needs Materia

While beelining the new DLC will only take a few hours, there are different side activities that get added in with Episode INTERmission. Just like the main game, there are a host of side quests to complete while wandering around Midgar, and the DLC also has a few mini-games, like the tactical Fort Condor board game that can be played against different NPCs. Once player’s have completed the DLC for the first time, they’ll unlock Hard Mode for an additional challenge. Players can’t use items and instead have to rely entirely on ATB for healing. Episode INTERmission also comes with a new set of trophies and adds on additional VR battles, like the one that sees Cloud and the main party going up against Dirge of Cerberus‘ Weiss the Immaculate.

The rest of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is mostly the same game, but with updated visuals and performance. However, there is one more bonus that sees a new five-minute ending added to the end of the game, hinting at what’s to come next. At least there’s some new content with Yuffie to tide fans over until the reveal of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2.

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