How to clean rust off tools – four cost-effective methods

Rusty tools are a worker’s worst nightmare as if left unattended, oxidisation can penetrate and damage below the surface. Ultimately, this can cause pricey repairs or even warrant replacements. Thankfully, cleaning rust from tools needn’t break the bank, and people can do it from the comfort of their own home, with ingredients they already have in their cupboards.

How to clean rust off tools

Whether they use them regularly or not, people who own tools often keep them locked away in the garage.

These areas are often the most exposed and carry a lot of moisture, meaning rust is a real possibility.

The first step for anyone dealing with chronic rust issues is to move them somewhere drier – then they can get to cleaning.

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Lemons produce natural acid that, when added to salt, reacts and removes rust.

The mixture is most effective combined in a bowl and left to sit on tools for a few hours.

After then, cleaners can wipe it off using the lemon rind or steel wool.

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