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The Skyrim Together mod will bring multiplayer to the decade-old RPG. Though it isn’t released yet, players can download and install an older version.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been filled with plenty of mods that have enhanced the game in more ways than anyone can count, but none have been more anticipated for than the Skyrim Together mod. Skyrim Together is a mod that brings multiplayer to the decade-old RPG, something that fans of the Elder Scrolls series and Skyrim itself have wanted for years. Though the development of the mod has been a difficult process, players can get a working version of the mod to test out for themselves.

Unfortunately, the working version of Skyrim Together is just an older beta of the mod that can only be accessed on private servers, but players can still use their best weapons in Skyrim with a friend if they follow the download and install instructions. While the full mod looks as if it will be released sometime later in 2022, the development team has closed all access to the Skyrim Together open beta. Additionally, the Skyrim Together mod itself isn’t part of the typical sources from where most mods come from.


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The only way Skyrim Together can be downloaded is from the Harbor launcher through the developer’s Patreon or website. This also allows players to have access to updates whenever they are available throughout the development of Skyrim Together. However, because the Skyrim Together mod operates under a closed license there are no updates for the time being. Even the best new mods in Skyrim can sometimes create issues, so the un-updated Skyrim Together mod will likely cause some as well.

Skyrim Together: Download & Install Skyrim Multiplayer

Skyrim Together Mod (Closed Beta)

The launcher for the Skyrim Together mod is also available through Github, but players will have to donate to the developer’s Patreon either way and link their account to Harbor in order to validate their mod launcher. In order to use the private servers for Skyrim Together, players must possess a Port-Forwarded IP address or cloud server that can link to Harbor launcher, like Hamachi. Additionally, since updates for Skyrim Together aren’t currently happening the mod will not work with newer versions of Skyrim. This of course includes the recently released Skyrim 10th anniversary edition.

To install Skyrim Together after following the aforementioned criteria, open the Harbor launcher and down and install the mod through the menu interface. The mod will either be listed as Skyrim Together, or as Tilted Online. Provided players can launch Skyrim through Harbor and have a private server linked to the launcher, they can bring up the mods in-game on their PC and invite friends to join in their adventure.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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