How to Get Al-iklil Mount in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 has recently released its final major patch for the Shadowbringers expansion. Players will need to wait nearly six months before they can experience the next major storyline in Endwalker. Tell help tide players over, Square Enix has made new content for the Bozjan Southern Front, including the final steps to upgrade the ultimate Relic of the expansion.

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Players who reach max rank and complete the Dalriada raid can gain different rewards. This can include armor inspired by Final Fantasy 12 and increased power in Bozja and Zadnor. Those that go out of their way can also earn the Al-iklil, the personal two-seater mount of Fran and Balthier.

Bozjan Field Notes in Final Fantasy 14

Players that have cleared the Return to Ivalice storyline in Stormblood and completed all of Shadowbringers’ initial storyline can venture to the Bozjan Southern Front. This area is both a raging battlefield and has story elements that flesh out the ongoing war in the eastern nations. By collecting all 50 Field Notes, players will be rewarded three related achievement titles: Annal of War (Bozjan Southern Front), Annals of Archaeology (Delubrum Reginae), and Annals of Liberation (Zadnor). Once all three are gained, players can also redeem the Al-iklil mount ignition key.

While most Field Notes are from battle activities, others are given from Save the Queen story missions including-

  • The Lady of Blades: #18 Menenius Sas Lanatus, #19 Misija Votyasch, #20 Gunnhildr,
  • A Sign of What’s to Come: #21 Lilja Sjasaris, #22 Bwagi Ennze Panca
  • Fit for a Queen: #23 Rostik Liubasch #24 Mikoto Jinba #25 Misija Votyasch, #26 Gunnhildr


Skirmishes are the most active content in Bozja, cropping up all over the zone similar to FATEs. Players will need to achieve at least gold rank to have a chance gaining a Field Note drop. Some Field Notes are exclusive to certain Skirmishes, while others can drop from multiple fights.

  • More Machine Now than Man: #1 Bajsaljen Ulgasch
  • All Pets are Off: #2 Marsak Apeslla
  • The Beasts Must Die: #3 Xeven Svanasch
  • Conflicting with the First Law: #4 Isolde Covey
  • Let Slip the Dogs of War: #4 Isolde Covey
  • Can Carnivorus Plants Bloom: #5 Stanik Alubov
  • Supplies Party: #5 Stanik Alubov
  • Scavengers of Human Sorrow: #6 Blaz Azetina
  • Pyromancer Supreme: #7 Velibor Azetina
  • None of Them Knew They Were Robots: #8 Aggie Glover
  • The Monster Mash: #10 Hernais Pyr Longus
  • Murder Death Kill: #11 Dabog Aan Inivisch
  • Brought to Heal: #12 Dyunbu Pyr Potitus
  • For Absent Friends: #12 Dyunbu Pyr Potitus
  • Unicorn Flakes: #13 Clarricie Quo Priscus
  • Of Steel and Flame: #14 Sartauvoir Quo Soranus
  • Heavy Boots of Lead: #15 Sicinius Mal Vellutus

Critical Engagements

Critical Engagements are the second tier of fights in Bozja. They are unrelated to Skirmishes; instead spawning after killing various Imperial Legion enemies around the map (other wild creatures will not affect Critical Engagements). These will happen more frequently if players are killing monsters for Bozjan Clusters or Relic related items. As with Skirmishes, players will want to aim for gold rank.

  • The Shadow of Death’s Hand: #3 Xeven Svanasch
  • The Final Furlong: #9 Llofii Pyr Potitus
  • Kill it With Fire: #13 Clarricie Quo Priscus
  • Rise of the Robots: #15 Sicinius Mal Vellutus


Duels can only be challenged by players that cleared related Critical Engagements without being hit by field mechanics (which apply vulnerability debuffs). Only one queued player will be selected among the qualified. However, those unselected will gain Notoriety which will increase selection chance on future Duels. Because these are one-on-one fights it is recommended to use strong Essences, anticipate enemy attacks, and possibly already be Rank 25 with Sun of Valor and Sun of Fortitude Honors. On the plus side, completing a Duel will always reward Field Notes 100% of the time.

  • Aces High: #11 Dabog Aan Inivisch
  • And the Flames Went Higher: #14 Sartauvoir Quo Soranus
  • Beast of Man: #17 Lyon Rem Helsos

Castrum Lacus Litore and Delubrium Reginae

Players that reach Rank 10 and completed all of the preceding story can take on large-scale 48 and 24 man raids. Each boss will drop a chest with various rewards, with Field Notes being a possibility. Castrum Lacus Litore has a chance of initially dropping #16 Sadr Rem Albeleo and #17 Lyon Rem Helsos. If players have already beaten Delubrium Reginae once, the final chest of Castrum Lacus Litore may also contain #29 Save The Queen.

Delubrium Reginae also has reward chests, also containing Field Notes on the corresponding defeated boss: #27 Trinity Seeker, #28 Queen’s Guard, #28 Trinity Avowed, and #29 Save The Queen.

Zadnor Field Notes in Final Fantasy 14

Against the Diablo Armament in Final Fantasy 14

Zadnor is the second zone unlocked after completing Delubrium Reginae and all of the main Shadowbringers storyline content up to patch 5.4. Its mechanics works the same with Skirmishes, Critical Engagements, and Duels just like Bozjan Southern Front.


  • Of Beasts and Braggadocio: #31 Atori Moribe
  • The Beasts are Back: #31 Atori Moribe
  • Sever the Strings: #32 Kosyu
  • A Relic Unleashed: #32 Kosyu
  • Parts and Parcel: #33 Oboro Torioi
  • A Just Pursuit: #34 Tsubame Oshidari
  • Attack of the Supersoldiers: #35 Meryall Miller
  • Demented Mentor: #36 Lovro Aan Slanasch
  • An Immoral Dilemma: #37 Llofii Pyr Potitus
  • An End to Atrocities: #38 Fabineau Quo Soranus
  • Mean-spirited: #39 Yamatsumi Pyr Urabe
  • Challenge Accepted: #40 Pagaga Quo Vochstein
  • Seeq and You Will Find: #41 Daguza Oen Sus
  • Meet The Puppetmaster: # 42 Gilbrisbert Quo Buteo
  • Supersoldier Rising: #43 Dabog Aan Inivisch
  • Hypertuned Havok: #43 Dabog Aan Inivisch

Critical Engagements

  • Feeling the Burn:#35 Meryall Miller
  • Beyond the Grave: #37 Llofii Pyr Potitus


  • Taking the Lyon’s Share: #44 Lyon Quo Helsos
  • Head of the Snake: #45 Menenius Sas Lanatus


Dalriada is the ultimate high-scale raid for those that have gotten to Rank 25. As with Castrum Lacus Litore, bosses will always have reward chests. However, it is only a slight chance that they will have related Field Notes. This includes #44 Lyon Quo Helsos, #45 Menenius Sas Lanatus, and #46 The Diablo Armament. It should be noted that Dawon and Saunion share a single chest, will make it especially rare if they ever drop both Field Notes at the same time. This makes their related Duels have a bit more incentive.

Those that manage to clear the Dalriada once and turn in the story quest March of the Bloody Queen will also receive for free #47 Cid Garlond, #48 Fran Eruyt, #49 Hien Rijin, and #50 Noah Van Gabranth. Those that own duplicate Field Notes can also trade them to the Resistance Historian for lockboxes or currency.

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Final Fantasy 14 A Realm RebornHeavenswardStormblood, and Shadowbringers are available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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