How to Level Up Fast Using the XP Glitch

The XP Glitch in Fortnite allows players to earn tons of XP within a short period of time. It’s directly connected to a Creative Map in the game.

There is a glitch in Fortnite to help players earn XP to level up fast. Every season of Fortnite comes along with a handful of anxiety, as with every Battle Pass, which means a new expiration date. In Fortnite, players have until the end of the season to unlock every cosmetic in the Battle Pass. If they fail to do this, the locked cosmetics will disappear forever. Unlike other item shop skins in Fortnite, Battle Pass skins are incredibly rare and don’t return. They are meant to reward loyal players for making it to the very end, although, trying to reach tier 100 of the Battle Pass can be very difficult and time-consuming.


Fortnite chapter 3 season 1 will end on Saturday, March 19th, leaving players about two months to max out the battle pass. Although, there are also Super Level Battle Pass Styles to unlock that will reward players beyond the first 100 levels. While much of earned XP in Fortnite is by completing challenges, opening chests, and collecting kills, this season has made a heavy push to earn XP outside of the Battle Royale. Using the game’s Creative Mode, players can exploit a glitch to get XP quickly.

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From the main menu, select ‘Island Code’ from within the game mode’s option. Enter the code 2466-8973-1914 and it will load up a stage titled ‘Pit Plus Car Mythics’. Upon loading in, wait until the stage auto starts or begin the level immediately from the pause menu. This will place the player in front of a large pit to jump inside. The player will begin to slowly fall into a massive hole. In one of the corners of this room, there will be a giant ‘2022’ sign. Follow it and walk inside to begin the XP Glitch.

Grinding XP in Fortnite Using Creative Mode

Fortnite Creative Codes

Inside this room will be a bunch of interactive objects from vending machines to buttons. There will also be a two-minute counter in the corner of the room. The objective is to grab and interact with as many things as possible when the timer runs out. After the clock reaches zero, the player will spawn back at the entrance and will need to walk back towards the ‘2022’ sign. Players will earn about 100 XP for every item they interact with.

While this might be small, there are tons of items in this room, making it super easier to earn hundreds of thousands of XP fast. After doing this method for 30 minutes, the XP counter ended with about 170,000 XP. This is easily the fastest way to level up the battle pass in Fortnite without needing to do much. Repeat this process and continue to grind the easy XP, but with all glitches, this is likely to be patched in the future.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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