How to Play the Drake Role Mod in Among Us

The Among Us Drake Impostor Role mod turns the Impostor into Grammy-winning artist Drake. They can kill crewmates with the power of music and memes.

While most role mods in Among Us introduce horror icons, superheroes, and video game characters into the popular social deduction game, some fans have now started modding celebrity icons from the music world into their games. The Among Us Drake Role Mod is a sort of meme mod in the same style as the DaBaby Role Mod. The Among Us Impostor as Drake gains access to new abilities that allow him to terrorize and kill crewmates through the power of memes and music. Crewmates, meanwhile, will struggle to figure out the identity of Drake, who can often give themselves alibis by using their abilities while not transformed into their Impostor form.

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The Among Us Drake Impostor Role Mod adds a new area to the map, a club-style dancefloor, where all crewmates are compelled to go to dance possibly to their deaths when Drake uses one of his abilities. It also includes new animations, particularly dances for the crewmates to do, and a new killing mechanic that leaves the crewmate’s fate largely to chance. Like other overpowered, pop-culture-inspired Among Us mods, the goal is less about social deduction and competition between crewmates and Impostors, and more about being creative with new abilities and laughing among friends. Here’s how to play the Drake Role Mod in Among Us.

How To Play As Drake In Among Us

The Impostor as Drake in Among Us

The Among Us Drake Role mod was created by @LoafX, with music recorded by @helloIamkate for SSundee and their friends and is currently not available for public download. Players may have luck getting into a game that uses this mod by joining a server that has it installed. Players can also always try their hand at programming a version. It is also possible that, given its popularity, other modders will eventually program a version of this mod and make it available for wider use.

When a crewmate is chosen to be the Impostor in Among Us with the Drake Role mod installed, they will gain new abilities for creative sabotages and kills, including:

  • Transform: The Impostor trades the typical crewmate sprite look for a new sprite designed after Drake.
  • Hotline: Drake compels all crewmates, including themselves, to stop whatever they are doing and dance to a copyright-friendly version of “Hotline Bling,” performed by helloIamkate.
  • Speaker: Drake compels all crewmates, including themselves, to stop whatever they are doing, move to the dancefloor, and dance to a copyright-friendly version of “Hotline Bling.” He can select one crewmate from a mini-menu to drop a giant speaker on, squishing and killing them. Crewmates are unable to report this body.
  • No/Yes: Drake uses his No/Yes meme to select a random crewmate. The meme appears near that crewmate on the map, and a slots-style game of chance begins. If the crewmate’s sprite appears in the No box, the crewmate lives. If the sprite appears in the Yes box, the crewmate instantly dies.
  • Air-Drake: Only available while Transform is active. Drake transforms into his private jet to fly around the outside of the map.
  • Drop: Only available while Drake is in Air-Drake form. Drake throws a pair of headphones from the plane that snap onto the head of a random crewmate. After a few seconds of music, the crewmate’s head inflates and explodes, killing them.

Impostors should be careful about Transforming and using Air-Drake, as any crewmates nearby will be able to see the transformation and its aftermath. Impostors also still have access to the regular Sabotage and Kill buttons. The best sabotages to use with the Drake Impostor Role mod include lights and doors. Reactor and oxygen sabotages can also be useful, as Drake can lure crewmates to fix reactors or O2 and prevent them from finishing using the Hotline or Speaker Ability.

Both the Headphones and No/Yes Meme abilities leave bodies for crewmates to report, which should make communication and deduction easier. It will be more difficult for crewmates to win doing tasks, as they can be pulled out of their task at any moment by either of the two dance abilities. Instead, they should try to stay together as a group as much as possible and deduce the Impostor’s identity fast.

Players can see the Drake Role mod used in an Among Us match in SSundee’s video below:


Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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