How to Play & Win Babble Royale (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

Players can compete with words to win Babble Royale, but they need to quickly decide how to spend their money and where to place their letters.

Players can experience a unique take on battle royale games with Babble Royale, a word-based BR competition with upgrades, items, and a shrinking red zone. Players compete to be the last one standing by using words to take out other players or by being the last one alive outside of the red zone. At first, Babble Royale can seem chaotic, however, as with any BR game, there are strategies players can use to increase their chances of victory.

To start out, players fly down towards the board and choose a spot to land. The best areas to land in Babble Royale are ones with no other people in them. These zones are usually close to the edge of the board, but players have time to move inward before the red zone closes in. Landing further away from others gives players time to gather resources and build up their funds so they can play more aggressively towards the end of the match. Once players land and place their first word, they should work on moving out of reach of the red zone.


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The best way to stay in the competition is for players to use short and medium length words. Using longer words will award more points, and players can gain cash quicker, but they’re also more vulnerable to attacks. An opponent can easily connect to a longer word and eliminate the player, so keeping words on the shorter side is safer. Players can also use the Overload function in Babble Royale to keep other players away. Overload will blast away any grey letters in a small radius which frees up more space for players to move and keeps nearby enemies from advancing easily. Overload is only unlocked in Babble Royale when a player has their max amount of letters, so opening up additional slots means Overload won’t be available as frequently.

Strategies for Winning in Babble Royale

Babble Royale Avoid Red Zone

Upgrades, levels, and cash only last for the duration of the player’s current match. Unlocking the item slots and two or three letter slots should be enough to give players a good chance of winning. Although it may seem helpful to unlock the maximum number of slots for letters and items, there are a few other areas players should focus on first to win Babble Royale. Players should start upgrading the Next Letter bar and having a few items in reserve early. Keeping a medkit and bomb on hand will help players quickly get out of bad situations.

Players can aggressively work towards taking out others in Babble Royale, but there are also times where waiting is a better strategy. As long as players are far enough from Babble Royale‘s red zone and incoming opponents, they should wait for some of the competition to take each other out. Players may also need to wait for Overload to charge up or to get more letters. The best times to wait in Babble Royale are just after the red zone advances or right after eliminating any nearby enemies.

To play aggressively, players need to watch their rivals’ moves and try to connect to their words right after they’ve placed one down. If an opponent places a word, then they’ll likely need to wait on additional letters, so it could be a good time to attack and eliminate them. Before going for an elimination players should have a good amount of available letters and a few words in mind that can work to get the elimination. Going in for the kill without a proper plan can get the player knocked out instead. Winning Babble Royale, a non-shooter BR game, can seem difficult at first, but players can greatly increase their chances of winning by adopting a few good strategies and sticking to a plan from the start of the match.

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Babble Royale is available for PC and macOS.

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