How Valheim’s Next Update Will Improve Building & Cooking

The first major update to Valheim is set to come in the near future, so what additions and improvements are likely to be added to the indie hit?

Valheim was released for early access in February of 2021 and has been gaining popularity ever since then. The indie sensation hasn’t had any major updates since its release, but according to Valheim‘s public roadmap, updates are on the way. There are some unexplained updates coming in the future that will be up for speculation, but specific items such as combat improvements and biome additions should keep fans excited for upcoming content. While there may not be a whole lot of information on the updates coming later down the road, there have been a few announcements about the next major update: Hearth and Home.

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The viking survival game has seen more mods added to the game than updates. Fans have made some awe-inspiring builds and mechanics that have certainly pushed the limits of creativity. While players enjoy experiencing the game in different ways, some fans like to stick with building in Valheim without mods and see what the developers add in themselves. Valheim is still early in its lifecycle, so new content can be expected and will hopefully keep fans happy.

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Valheim‘s next big update is expected to focus on building and cooking mechanics. Unique recipes can be expected to come and possibly some large changes to food and cooking as a whole. Valheim has not experienced any major overhauls of mechanics so far in its lifespan, and the Hearth and Home information teased by the developers still doesn’t have exact details listed. The building system is also an element of the game that is expected to be improved. Hopefully, some improvements to the fluidity of constructing homes and forts gets added, as well as more materials to actually build with for more unique houses and structures.

Valheim’s Hearth & Home Update: What’s Been Announced?

Valheim player creates funny decoration

The developers have also been teasing information about the next Valheim update in small puzzle-like pictures on Steam. These pictures hint at what may be coming in the Hearth and Home update. While the developers were more open about upcoming information at first, recent announcements have been slightly cryptic. The only information actually confirmed has been about building and cooking in Valheim, so anything else is up for speculation, but the pictures have hinted at changes to things outside of the home.

Valheim developers may have set themselves up for failure teasing such a packed 2021 roadmap. Four major updates have been announced, but at halfway through the year, the first update still doesn’t have a confirmed release date. Hopefully the other items from the roadmap are being worked on simultaneously. More content will be welcome in the game whenever the updates eventually do come out. For now, Valheim fans should be able to look forward to some substantial changes and improvements to building and cooking when Hearth and Home comes soon.

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